Release 454: Our New Browser Game Overlords

First came Touhou… then Kancolle… and now… Granblue Fantasy?

I admit that I know absolutely nothing about the game or the characters, but the art looked interesting and unique… so here we are!

If anyone wants to give a quick explanation to what exactly Granblue is, please leave a comment!

granblue 001 (cover)


(C89) [syoukaki (earthean)] A Prank The Fairies Played On Us (Granblue Fantasy) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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29 comments on “Release 454: Our New Browser Game Overlords

  1. Granblue Fantasy is a free-to-play turn-based JRPG where you collect characters & weapons, then use them in quests. Pretty standard stuff. Vira is one of the story characters, largely characterized by her obsessive love for her oneesama~ Katalina. There are two player characters available, Gran and Djeeta. Gran/Djeeta are largely standard JRPG silent protagonist proxies for the player, but they do have backstories and stuff.

      • I’m not sure. The official english localization uses Djeeta, but a bunch of the names in it are clearly wrong. The TL isn’t ‘final’ and they’ve gone through multiple translation teams (and fired some of them).

  2. Thanks.

    GB is a: Turn based mobile RPG with the same artist of FF Tactics.
    has a canon lesbian called Vira (featured in this doujin) and you can play as FeMC (in this one too).

  3. I literally started playing Granblue just to get ahead of things when I saw this in your trello. It’s already an addiction.

    As Kate said, Vira and Katalina are fellow knights from a prestigious academy/garrison. Katalina is pretty cool, Vira is full-on yandere for her, going so far as to bind her soul to a summon for power, and her limit break is accompanied by ‘katalinakatalinakatalinakatalina-‘. She has a reasonably happy ending, and if you’re lucky, you might find her on your team.

    That being said, I’m surprised this isn’t a Katalina X Vira piece, I’d have thought those are far more common. Looking forward to more!

    • Vira actually does takes her attention a little bit off of Katalina in her SR fate episodes. Before I got there I was a little confused as to why most of the JP fandom ships the mc with Vira if they don’t ship Vira and Katalina before I got SR Vira in game. In any case this is a really sweet and cute dj even without proper knowledge of the game I think.

    • SO… should I start playing!? It actually sounds interesting.

      I tried Kancolle but I could see the grind coming and it bored me within an hour. If GB actually had story, though…

      • It has a story, yeah. I mean, don’t expect a gripping tale of intrigue and drama, and they kind of have to struggle to come up with a reason to have a battle sometimes, but I’ve seen much worse. It can be pretty grindy, but then again, playing casually is an option. Put another way, I don’t regret picking it up.

  4. “Tell us more about GranBlue”

    No don’t do it it’s a trap just walk away man just put the keyboard down granblue’s a scam

    • This is less for you and more for others that might read your comment, but… It’s just about as much of a scam as any other phone game. In fact, character drop rates are higher than most phone games, and it’s possible (though quite slow) to play the game without spending a dime.

  5. Wasn’t there supposed to be an english version comming soon? I believe it should have been by april.

    • It’s already out, but since it’s region locked, getting it can be a hassle. I used Tunnel Bear to proxy my phone from Japan, and made a new Google account from there to download the game from the play store. Once you have it installed, you can set everything back without having to worry; only the initial download is region locked. (I can’t for the life of me figure out why a free program in with an English translation wouldn’t be availible in North America in the first place…)

      • You can play it on google store too, even throgh chrome, no ip block there. So how do i change to english? Where is the option?

        • First time you get the game started it should ask you about your configurations, including an option for English somewhere along the line. Even if you accidentally clicked too fast and started the actual game, go to Menu, click on the button with gears on it. Go to Language at the bottom of the settings to change your language.

  6. Hey Yuri-ism, I have a physical copy of this book, would you like a better scan of the cover? The contrast on the current scan is way off and it’s actually kinda irksome to me.

    • Derp… I should make an account here, but another thing: The official spelling/romanization for ジータ is Djeeta, as seen in a few romanized character cards

  7. thank you for scanlating and translating this doujinshi! I’m a fan of Vira/Djeeta so it’s a pleasant surprise to see this doujinshi got translated by yuri-ism.
    I’m playing GBF too and actually there are many yuri pairings that can be found in this game, my most favorite one is Yuel and Socie….too bad their fanarts aren’t many and there are even less yuri doujinshi of GBF.

  8. I wouldn’t invest too much time in playing Granblue Fantasy if I were you. I think Japan’s starting to sour on Gacha mobile games ever since the Puzzle and Dragon scandal in 2015. There was also some controversy with one of Granblue Fantasy’s zodiac units.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Granblue Fantasy is the shortest lived “big-thing” with how things are headed now. If there are any yuri doujins though, I’d love to read them in English.

  9. I don’t know much about Granblue Fantasy either, but I do know that the music was partially done by Nobuo Uematsu, which is a good incentive to any old Final Fantasy fans.

  10. Since so many have explained what gbf is and who they are, may I request something instead? There are these doujins made by hatamichi (はたみち) and his/her artstyle is so damn gorgeous. Also the story is pretty nice. Pairing is Zeta x Djeeta maybe you would wanna consider it? :p
    Yes, I’m typing here cuz idk where i should send it to haha and sorry for my bad english xD thanks inbefore!

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