Release 462: Acute Angles

Sup plebs!

Hope you’re all ready for some more little sister, because ready or not, we’ve got another whole volumes worth! This time we bring you a dollop of bad parenting, a hint of rebellious imouto, and our resident prince gets a dash of tsun tsun.

Enjoy your Itou Hachi.

[This blog post was written by Mae, our resident bully/typesetter.]

P.S. This release contains 6 chapters. If you are using our reader, make sure to keep clicking at the end of each chapter to go to the next one!



[Itou Hachi] Sayuri’s Little Sister Is An Angel vol 2 [English] [Yuri-ism]

Page 32 fix (Chapter 7)

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism
[Read Online] [Link for the whole series]

22 comments on “Release 462: Acute Angles

  1. Oh. My. God.
    WAAAAH This is just perfect, I haven’t read anything as good as this in a loooong while! D’awwww, lil sis is just so cute! I want to take her home with me ^_^
    And oh man, Oga and that other chick are just perfect for each other, I can’t wait for them to realize they should be more than a pretend couple, Oga should totally push her down and seduce her mwahahahaha!
    Oooooh that scene in the storage room, the possibilities!! Bwehehehe.
    Ajsxkdskn oh god you killed me.

  2. my new catch-phase for a while is going to be… “__fill in the blank__, you idiot”

    it’s perfect especially since i know a bunch of idiots.

  3. Love Vol 2 even more 😀 Is there anyway I can order the series online if they’re still available? Itou Hachi is slowly becoming my favorite artist

  4. That was soooo great! Can’t wait for more… might maybe order it… ah, three volumes already out… =w=

      • Aw shit :/ All things, good or bad must come to an end ofc, I know, but aw TT____TT Each volume is so enjoyable too, so easy to read. It’ll be in a long while before all volumes/chapters are out but I will miss this

  5. That was awesome – loved every page of it. In my opinion it was even better than vol.1 ^^. Thank you for your hard work.

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