Release 472: Butts Finale

This is technically the last chapter of butts. There will be one more butts release out soon, but it’s just a bonus color page section that’s not tied to the main story.

Anyway, enjoy! Let me know what you thought of this series.



[Comaku] Is My Hobby Weird ch7 (L -Ladies & Girls Love- 10) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Credit Page Source: Pixiv

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18 comments on “Release 472: Butts Finale

  1. I loved butts! One of the best series you’ve had here! Art was wonderful, it had lots of variety and it was just so sweet 😀 Hope to see more like it in the future!

    • Oh my goodness, this was the best wasn’t it? I too have a thing for butts… It was awesome seeing an H/ecchi story focused on them, not too common.

      Do you know any other similarly focused manga? It doesn’t have to be H an hetero is fine, as long as it’s not rapey.

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