6 comments on “Release 479: Servants, Demon Queens, and Succubi, oh my!

  1. That felt sorta confusing, hard to follow, but good stuff nonetheless
    Any plans for the ‘Nightmare’s Paradise’ book? Or did anyone look into it before and thought it was meh/not worth it?

  2. To clear some things up – the queen plays an incredibly small role in the other book mentioned, like… a few pages out of 100+, from my understanding. We do not have the first book, but that’s what I got from reading Sekihara’s explanation. The queen briefly meddled in the relationship between the succubus and the other girl, that’s all there really is to it.

  3. Yeah that was kinda confusing, plot wise. And a bit of a shame the queen didn’t do any role reversal with the servant. But still, lovely comic.

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