Release 481: The OTHER Shipgirls

Nope, not Kancolle. Apparently nobody on the yuri-ism team besides me even watched this show. ;_;

Anyways, here is three sets of comics Haifuri comic strips by Yazaka Shuu!

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[Yazaka Shuu] Highschool Fleet Collection 1-3 (High School Fleet) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Credit Page Source: Danbooru

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism
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12 comments on “Release 481: The OTHER Shipgirls

  1. This show was the best.

    You could tell the creators were big fans of Star Trek, or some Star Trek derivative (or Star Trek predecessor). Especially with the chief engineer. Though the battle scenes were much more reminiscent of fiction about the age of fighting sail, with the cat-and-mouse chase scenes, the isolation at sea where any ship you sea could be an enemy, and of course the one-on-one duels where the smaller ship wins through leadership, cunning, and the undying spirit of a courageous crew.

    Also, it was nice that they barely bothered to explain the premise. There are high school girls in charge of a WWII destroyer because we said so. If you’re asking stupid questions like “why?” or “how?”, then obviously you don’t belong here. The bizarre mixture of various elements worked, and that’s the only justification necessary.

  2. The anime was pretty good. Just cute girls and ships, lol. Not much fanservice as I can remember unlike Kancolle. Or at least I think Kancolle is like that since everytime I see anything Kancolle its girls wearing almost nothing and doing suggestive things, lol.

  3. I legit pushed back watching this because altho I wanted cute girls, I couldn’t handle the seriousness of the plot, ep 1 stressed me out haha
    Watched a good chunk of it lately, plot is indeed stressful and serious, but it’s good stuff. Didn’t notice that much shipping potential aside from Akeno and Mashiro tho

  4. Finally Haifuri published! It’s been so long since you worked on this 🙂 Thank you
    Can I ask why the author supports Mina x Mikan? It makes sense with Mina and Kouko

  5. Yay! Haifuri! 😀 Glad it’s finally getting some Doujin attention!

    …wouldn’t mind more KanColle yuri, too… though… ;;

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