Release 488: The final butts

Psst! Over here! Of course you couldn’t resist being naughty, could you? Oh well. There’s something for you, too: one more chapter of butts! What starts as an innocent girls’ sleepover turns into a raunchy threesome as Maiko, Fumi, and Risa go wild one last time!



[Comaku] Pajama Party With Everyone (Is My Hobby Weird? Extra) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Credit page source: Pixiv

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism
[Read Online]

7 comments on “Release 488: The final butts

  1. I’m waaaaaaay late to this party but i really hope this gets animated or picked up, i need soooo much more of this in my life.

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