Release 498: Return of an Angel

In this volume…
– Himeko-chan and Oga-kun make up and kiss! (Just kidding)
– Sayuri and Mikoto go on a hot springs trip! (more lewd than you can imagine)
– Someone’s targetting Mikoto?

P.S. This is a 5 chapter release. So if you’re using the reader, make sure you proceed to the next one after reading. Clicking on the last page or just browsing the series works.

[Itou Hachi] Sayuri’s Little Sister Is An Angel vol 3 [English] [Yuri-ism]
Credit Page Source: Danbooru

Download: Mega | Yuri-ism
[Read Online]

13 comments on “Release 498: Return of an Angel

  1. the link to read online is missing the r in yuri-ism just so you all know
    thanks for all your hard work bringin us those gay girls ❤

  2. Thanks for the new chapters. I’m just curious. Is volume 4 already out or are you waiting for it? Just wondering when I should check back.

  3. there was a little error on ch.15 last page, where it was supposed to be ‘ch. 15 end’ but written as ‘ch. 14 end’.
    just saying 🙂

    anyway, thank you for the update! I appreciate it very much.


    that’s all I can say after finishing last chapter. Thank you for the release and please tell me that the next chapter will come out soon

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