(Isya) Rule of Zero Chapters 3 and 4

And now we finally have the next chapters available for purchase. If you’re just purchasing a single chapter in this series, I highly recommend you buy chapter 4. Chapter four is fully colored and fully uncensored, she worked really hard on making this one look good. If chapter four sells really well, Isya will do more uncensored/fully colored works. If you have any questions or comments you’d like to leave Isya, you can comment here and we’ll send them to her. Or you can tweet her yourself. She’s on vacation right now, but I’m sure she’d love to see some messages from her fans when she returns to Japan. I’ve decided to provide a more detailed FAQ section to this to answer some questions and respond to feedback.

Where can I buy it? Fakku


Questions regarding the price: Originally we were planning on making chapters 1-3 cheaper and making 4 more expensive due to it being fully colored/uncensored. But it was suggested that we standardize the price across all chapters instead. We will adjust chapter length and value to fit this better in the future. We are also considering doing a censored release of these chapters on DLSite at a lower price for those interested in supporting her there.

Why Fakku?: I don’t remember if I ever responded to this. If I did, it was probably on /u/ or Dynasty at some point. When we were first talking to Isya we considered other sites such as DLSite/Amazon but we ultimately chose to try Fakku for the following reasons:

  • Royalties: Fakku offered a far better artist/publisher cut than she could ever get on DLSite.
  • Exposure: This is something I think a lot of people don’t think about. But if we only used DLSite, she would get a fraction of the sales. Fakku has a ton of buyers that have never even heard of her, so she is able to reach a lot more potential buyers by using the site.
  • Credibility: We had talked to Isya in the past, but her knowledge of the scanlation industry was non existent. You need to consider that a lot of Japanese artists don’t understand scanlation outside of foreigners stealing their work and redistributing it without their permission. We had to gain her trust, and having a proven publisher on our side made this a lot easier.
  • Uncensored works: We cannot sell uncensored works on DLSite. We wanted to eventually move to doing uncensored works since that is usually one of the prime reasons to buy a western release of a doujinshi.
  • Sales: This goes back to exposure, but if we didn’t sell much of her works in the first stint. We probably would have stopped there. She was skeptical from the start at how profitable something like this is. It isn’t as simple as just uploading old scans we did of hers. Everything must come directly from her computer (not scanned) and be worked on and translated recently. It’s a lot more work than I ever originally imagined.
  • Final notes: Keep in mind, we are only a Publisher posting her works on Fakku. I do not work for them, I just use them as a site to distribute works on. So anything they do is beyond me. I don’t follow any of it.

How many have we sold?: When we first started with her Precure doujinshi, we kept our expectations low. With them being both censored and parody works, we figured they’d just sell a few copies. Both Isya and I were surprised when we sold 150+ of each doujinshi. A higher number than we had anticipated. Which is why for our next project, we decided doing originals would be even better.

What impact has it had?: Ever since selling her Precure works and starting to sell Rules of Zero. Isya has tossed around the idea of getting an office to work on yuri on a more full time basis. Currently she has to balance her job and drawing at the same time. With so many con deadlines for her to meet in Japan, she often ends up having to rush to get it done in time. With the help of English sales, she may be able to achieve her dream of being a full time artist.

13 comments on “(Isya) Rule of Zero Chapters 3 and 4

  1. Thank you very much for working with Isya to do this. I’m happy to not just be a leech on an artist I like – makes for a nice change. If I may ask, how is Rules of Zero doing so far? Are you planning on bringing over any of her other work?

  2. I’m really glad you guys did this and I hope it can open the way to similar collaborations in the future. However, as much as I want to read this (which is a lot), and as much as I’d like to support Isya, there is just no way in hell I’m paying 6$ for ~40 digital pages, even if I wasn’t as broke as I am (no offense intended, I’m sure it’s not your call)

  3. Would love to support the artist like this but won’t do it through Fakku with all the shit they’ve pulled. A DLSite/other site release would be welcome.

    Congrats on the success though.
    (I hope this doesn’t end up as a double post)

      • I’m mostly unhappy about them completely removing any trace of loli/shota from their site when they started doing paid releases.

        Another thing is them actively hunting and taking down Fakku releases uploaded on any other site. Though your take on this will depend on your opinion about piracy in general. Personally I don’t believe in the “lost potential sale” -argument.

        • The Loli/Shota is there. You just need an account older than either 24 or 48 hours, and you need to check the option in your use panel to allow controversial content. Lots of different users who use FAKKU come from countries with outright ban, so it’s up to the user if they want to see that stuff.

          As to your complaint of removing works that they did and are copywritten by them? That’s stupid.

  4. Y’all make me wish I wasn’t on a fixed income! I’d buy all of these if my budget ever allowed it. Maybe for my B-day in August….

  5. Is there other way to buy the digital version without going through Fakku ? Some countries do not have access.

    • Some countries do not have the access and it is an issue, so will Yuri-ism use another doujin website to make Isyas’ works available? I would like to support Isya, but I cannot do it if I cannot buy her work from Fakku. And will Yuri-ism considers an option to bundle Iysa’s Rule of Zero into a collection? That’s way it will much more easy to buy the entire book, rather than single chapter (also easy on the transaction fee too, I’m not from the US).

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