Release 514: Earth Girls Returns

Lesbian! Cavegirl! Harem! Mammoth! Boobies! Peachpulsar! Need I say more? Mira is back with more revisionist prehistoric fantasy yuri. Get it while it’s fresh!

*Sorry, I lied. No mammoths, real or imagined, were hurt in the production of this story. However, there are some big beasts. Real big beasts.

If you haven’t read it yet or need a refresher, I made a new category for Earth Girls on the reader so you can easily read the original one Mira did years ago. The original is marked volume 1 and the new stuff is volume 2. Sorry there’s no chapter names for this one.


[peachpulsar (Mira)] EARTH GIRLS TUMUGI [English] [Yuri-ism] [Digital]

Download: Mega | Yuri-ism
[Read Online]

20 comments on “Release 514: Earth Girls Returns

  1. Umm, Yuri-ism, I notice the batch torrent doesnt work, are there plans for another batch torrent sometime? Or are all releases available on dynasty or somewhere? Some the old dl links dont work…

  2. I wonder this is happening before or after the original Earth Girls story? I bet for a prequel… nor Yume or Sakina show in this story…

    • I think it happens before the first part, since the name fana appears in the first part. However, you never see the name yuuri there, so it could also happen afterwards…

      • Yuuri appeared on the second chapter of the first part with Fana and Mifuri when Sakina talked about the inhabitants of Smoke Mountain.

        we can easiky recognise her thanks to her short black braid on the side of the head, her haircut on tumugi end (during the “divorce”

        she’s named on the bonus of chapter 3 and wears (like Fana) a wife stone, but at the end of the chapter 6, she doen’t wear a stone anymore.

        so it’s seems that tumugi takes place two years before the story of sakina and yume

  3. This was incredible! And just so happens that Earth Girls had been the first release I ever got from y’all when I first found ya. I honestly did not think she would go back to this series. But so glad she did.

  4. It was really good! The Earth Girls was a great favorite and now it’s a new Mira doujin in this genre. Like a dream coming true. 🙂

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