Release 529: A Woman’s Touch

Miho’s left on the streets after the salon she worked in as a masseuse closes overnight. With no friends or family in the city, her last thread of hope lies in a business card given by one of her clients, a cabaret girl called Aiko…

[Asagi Ryu] Looking for Room (Girl♡Girls) [English] [Yuri-ism] [Digital]
Credit page source: Pixiv

Download: Mega | Yuri-ism
[Read Online]

6 comments on “Release 529: A Woman’s Touch

  1. I like the flood (ha) of Asagi Ryu recently. This one was really sweet, one of my favorite releases in a while. Thanks for everything, Yuri-ism!

  2. Any chance you can tag yuri featuring adults as such? Now THIS my kind of yuri. Finally adult women who work and meet. I want to avoid all the kid stuff/school girl stuff. So hard to find my god.

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