Release 562: Mind the Gap

Sup plebs!

We interrupt this married life broadcast to bring you an important update regarding a certain little sister.

Hmm… How does Itou Hachi like to usually pair younger characters? I believe there’s a certain gap present…

[Itou Hachi] Isn’t the Moon Beautiful Ch10 [English] [Yuri-ism]
Credit page source: Pixiv

Download: Mega | Yuri-ism
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7 comments on “Release 562: Mind the Gap

  1. Thanks yuri-ism staff for another fantastic scanlation!
    I was relieved the age gap in this wasn’t… well… what I was concerned it might be. I really do love Itou Hachi’s work, but there’s parts of their OneeLoli stuff that is very much not to my taste.
    Thankfully I still have zero reason not to ADORE this series. And adore it I do.

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