Release 577: After School Yuri

Nandeyanen usually does his own blog posts for his translations but it looks like it falls on me now. After 7 or so years I (Chansu) have retired from typesetting. So I guess that makes me the dedicated blog poster now. After reading this release myself I really wanted to make a yuri bingo chart. Like what percentage of our releases do you think use a school setting for the story? Is it over 90%? Anyway, enjoy this sweet yuri!

[Sweet Pea, COCOA BREAK (Ooshima Tomo, Ooshima Towa)] After School [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Yuri-ism
[Read Online]

9 comments on “Release 577: After School Yuri

  1. Well, this surely can happen in school a lot, since most yuri(let’s not talk about manga in general) is about cute, fresh and peachy young girls. Not some dorodoro adult women -_- At least this way we can know girl’s age, roughly. Personally, I love when mangaka writes about it directly, like here, for example

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