Release 593: It began with a misunderstanding

[Scene: A Trello Board in a quiet corner of Yuritopia.]

Almond (enters, waving): Hey, KV. Can you handle QC for this new Mira project? It’s pretty much the same as Food Girls.

KV (looks up, takes off glasses, rubs eyes): Oh, if it’s mostly in the SFW arena, sure.

Almond (looks stunned then collapses in laughter): No, no, no. This is 100% lewd.

KV (tilts head sideways looking confused, then gets it): Oh! Workstream like Food Girls. I took pretty much the same as Food Girls to mean content like Food Girls.

Almond (Smirking): Food Girls: food food food; Catch Love 2: sex sex sex; Pretty much the same to me.

KV (facepalms, then goes looking for other QCers to do the work)

[End scene]

(Mira) Catch ★ Love 2 (School Girls Love Selection) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Yuri-ism
[Read Online]

5 comments on “Release 593: It began with a misunderstanding

  1. Nice coming out at page 23, I love it. Truly friendly club, indeed.
    “I am a very understanding captain” (c)

  2. This was wonderful. Out of all the releases do make, Mira’s comics are for sure the most fun. Thank you as always.

    As an aside, if lewd stuff is a problem for most of your members, Mira has some cute, (relatively) chaste books. The last one which hasn’t been done yet is a book called First Kiss. Only bringing this up since you’ve done so many of Mira’s stuff in the past.

  3. Boy that took awhile for this sequel. The first one was done way back in release #499 been interesting if you had waited till 599 to mark it.

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