Pairing Suggestion Responses

First off, thanks for all the responses – we got a lot of them. In this page I’ll try to respond to as many of them as I can. If for some reason I missed your specific suggestion here, and you would like a comment from us on it, you can leave a comment on this page and we’ll get you one. As you’ll see below, everything will be grouped into categories, so I don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over.

As a quick comment beforehand, it may sound obvious, but everything we buy/work on is directly related to what actually comes out of Japan. None of us have bias for or against certain series or pairings. Basically, if they don’t make it — we can’t scanlate it. This especially holds true for crack pairings.

–Godoka’s Guarantee–

Anything in this category we either already have doujins for or have definite plans to do them at some point.
Evangelion (Mari x Asuka), Vocaloid (Miku x Luka), Persona 4 (Rise x Naoto), Girls und Panzer

–2013 Winter Season–

It’s hard to give any specific answer here, because the doujins just aren’t out yet. Stay tuned for Comic1-7 (end of April) and C83 (this coming August). We’ll buy whatever is out there.
AKB0048, Dokidoki Precure, Love Live, Aikatsu, Senran Kagura, Vividred Operation, Sasami-san, Tamako Market

–Definitely, at some point–

There were tons of suggestions for pairings for these series in particular, and while I won’t comment on them specifically one by one, I will just say that we do intend on doing more doujins for all of these, so stay tuned.
Touhou, Strike Witches, Nanoha, Saki, IDOLM@STER (Yes, we will do non-Cinderella Girls ones)

–Shunned by Japan–

As the title says, (as far as we can tell) Japan didn’t deliver, so there is not much we can do. There is a small chance that could change, but the outlook is grim.
Binbougami, Psycho Pass (not including Pixiv comics), Chuunibyou (Nibu x Deko / Deko x Rikka), Fate/Zero (Saber x Irisviel)

–Madoka / Smile PreCure / Yuru Yuri Crack Pairings–

Anything that ISN’T MadoHomu / KyoSaya / NaoRei / KyoAya / KyoYui
The one exception here is Akane x Nao, which we do have some of, otherwise all of these are very hard to find or just don’t exist.

–Bad End–

Abandon hope all ye who enter here
All cross-series pairings, Sword Art Online, Girlfriends, Clannad, Symphogear, Pokemon, Canaan, Diebuster, Sengoku Otome, Final Fantasy, Kokoro Connect


Mouretsu Pirates (Marika x Chiaki) – There is one doujin we could do, but aside from that, Japan hasn’t provided.
Mai-Hime – As far as I can tell, all the ones worth doing have already been translated. It doesn’t look like Japan is making new ones.
Strawberry Panic – Ditto.
Persona 3/4 – We have one doujin we bought, but other than that, outlook not so good.
Kannazuki no Miko – I found one that looks decent. New ones aren’t being made.
MariMite – Nothing caught my eye the last time I looked for these, but I can try again.
Original/Non-series Pairings – We’ll look for more of these to do.

13 comments on “Pairing Suggestion Responses

  1. More Yuru Yuri. There’s so much yuri it’s part of the title.
    More of Ma homura Shoujo Madoka Magika.
    Specifically those.

  2. Horizon on the middle of Nowhere? I’m not sure how many doujins there are but I believe it’s worth looking into. (When I took the survey I forgot to add this series).

  3. I can’t believe it flew past me.
    Shinsekai Yori – Saki x Maria
    To be honest, it seems unlikely though hope it would exist and be considered if so (Y)

  4. To be honest I already like all the series but I would like to see some Vocaloid ones as well. I’ve seem some yuri ones that are in desperate need of translation. I can’t understand a damn thing! Please Yuri-ism

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