Survey Responses 2

Thank you all for participating in our 200th release survey. I’ll try to provide some answers to website/scanlation suggestions, as well as  general notes of interest. Sorry if I did not get to answering your suggestion! We have read every single survey entry so your ideas were greatly appreciated. I hope this helps!

Please note that some questions have been paraphrased to flow better in a questionnaire.

1. Removing donations (I really hate seeing them)

Donations are absolutely integral to our operation here at Yuri-ism. If it weren’t for the kind support of our readers, we would not be able afford large quantities of expensive doujins. We are not a commission group, we are not compensated at all by your donations. Donation money is used solely to pay the high cost of purchasing doujinshi. With even that, I do not not mention donations on any of our releases, nor in the credit pages. It’s two little buttons that are almost hidden underneath all my other widgets. You can browse this site and download all you want without ever donating. If you don’t want to see the buttons, you could always adblock them.

2. Make the blog wider


Some people already have trouble viewing this blog on their toasters. I don’t think making it wider is a good move.

3. Add unpauseable background music that plays on load.

What song should I play?

4. Older releases updated with the Lewd Meter

I’m waiting for the lewd meter to be 100% done and set in stone before I go editing a bunch of blog posts. But once it is, I will update the old blog posts with the new format.

5. Add a forum

This is something that is possible to do. But I’m waiting to see how many people are willing to help run it first. I don’t want to set it up and get stuck having to moderate it myself.

6. A SFW/NFSW page separation

This is sort of possible. But not really worth it in my opinion. I did however, add two buttons that take you to the sfw/nsfw tag. The sfw/nsfw tag can be independently subscribed to via RSS. You can also bookmark the sfw or nsfw tag if you want to browse the main page without the other showing. I cannot guarantee that all images will be sfw though, and take zero responsibility for awkward moments that come about!

7. Background is too white, layout is lame.

I agree with the background part. I’ll see if I can come up with some kind of subtle tile background at some point. The layout I think is fine. I looked at some other possible layouts and didn’t really find any I liked. Not to mention changing the layout could mess up my current blog posting format.

8. Change banners/add new ones

Fair enough, I’ve been too busy to make any new banners. And even if I did I would just slap some text on some art I liked anyway. So I’m going to need your guys’ help with this one. I’m going to open up user banner submissions for our blog and reader. Have a cool idea for a banner and want it displayed on our site? Then send us one at

Banner requirements for the blog: 978 × 288 pixels, must say “Yuri-ism” somewhere on the image. Other flavor text such as “The purest form of love” are not required but may be used.

Banner requirements for the reader:  800 x 200 pixels, doesn’t need to say yuri-ism anywhere. In fact it can be something completely random and funny you think would look good. As long as it is tangentially related to yuri. Banners may also be in the form of fake ads, as long as they are not advertising a real product.

9. Give me an option to have email notifications for new releases.

There is one. If you’re using some ad blocking software it might be hiding it.

10. I really, REALLY enjoy the original doujins you guys do, so maybe more of those.

We have more we plan on working on soon!

11. I’d change the spelling of “I’m cumming” to “I’m coming”

I think it’s fine as is. I believe the former is more or less the standard other scanlators use.

12. Make some polls. Maybe twice time in a month

I can do more polls. Sometimes I can’t think of a yuri related one to ask. I could do just generic anime related polls in the future.

13. Add a reliable download server

I am in the process of doing this actually. I don’t have an ETA for when this will be up, but we will eventually have direct downloads from the blog. I plan to test this in the somewhat near future.

14. Maybe batch releases more often?

I was originally going to say no to this, but it gave me an idea. I don’t like the idea of batching up a full torrent more often than every 100 releases. But I could do mini batches say…every 25 releases or so. Like an example being I’d make a torrent of Release 201-225 that you could download. It wouldn’t contain anything but those releases. It would be something you could download in between the big torrents. Yes/no?

15. Random banners. (Chosen at random from selection when site is opened).

I’ll make the banners cycle if I get enough banner submissions to rotate them.

16. needs more feet


17. Percentages on progress e.g. 50% on Typesetting

I don’t think this would work for us. I think it would be more annoying trying to guess what exact % we would be at, than it would be useful for the readers. I also don’t think %s are necessarily a good indicator of progress as well. I’ve done 0-90% on typesetting in a doujin in one day and then couldn’t finish it the next day due to other commitments in the real world. I also think we’d over/under estimate a lot if we tried it.

tl;dr I think we’d just disappoint people more if we weren’t accurate with it.

18. Add more release times

I could do this. But sometimes I don’t think it’s necessary. The ones I schedule right now are usually because they are joint projects with another group, or someone has odd availability so my window to release it is small.

19. Definitely more KyouSaya, oh, and Hidamari Sketch as well

We will always be doing Kyosaya/Madohomu doujins. Certainly not as many as times prior, but we won’t stop doing them as long as good artists keep making them. As for Hidamari Sketch, I’ve been a bit out of touch with Hidamari doujins. The guy who scanned many of the non-h ones hasn’t been around in awhile (to my knowledge) so I don’t really have access to new material for that series. I’ll keep an eye out for new ones, but I’d like to find  ones with more yuri content rather than just the Hidamari’s cooking or something.

20. Search by author on reader / reader suggestions

I’m not sure if this is even possible with the reader I’m using. I’m in the process of working on the beta of the new reader. Which will add some new functionality. As for its other limitations, the reader itself is just a pre-built program I installed. It wasn’t designed for doujinshi at all. Browsing it outside of the blog is not as good as the other readers available out there. I’d like to change this with a new reader replacement down the line. The big thing I want out of reader as opposed to say Dynasty/Exhentai is that I want it to be fast. I want the resolution to be decent (1600px right now) and for the pages to load at sonic speed. Which is exactly what it does right now.

21. Translate Futanari content

I did not respond to this during the last survey, and for good reason. But I’ll take the time to address this now. No matter what crazy stuff we may do here on yuri-ism, or what boundaries we may push, we will never work on Futanari. None of us are interested in doing it, and I don’t think it has a place on this blog. If you’re interested in futa content I would check out some of the scanlators on our blogroll.

22. Lewd meter isn’t as cool/fun as the original

Yea, it isn’t. But I think the whole 1-5 was stupid as it left some of the numbers in a spot where they were too subjective. I don’t have a mock draft of it ready right now, but I’ve come up with a combination of the old and new lewd meter. It’ll still only be 1, 2 and 3. But it will have some silliness to it. “Hentai” will also be renamed to “Lewd”

23. Better author searches/ author stuff etc…

I’m mulling over the best way to do this. I could create a page that has all the authors we’ve done and links to their work (similar to how the old download page worked). But that’s time consuming and I’d need to do it manually. I’ll try to come up with something and implement it, as long as it’s easy for me to do.

24. Non Paypal/Bitcoin donation methods

We’ll look into it, but we need some suggestions on what we could use as alternatives.

25. Label unfinished series; when complete, add links between parts

I can’t think of too many times where this would be an issue. But whenever I go through old blog posts I’ll add links to the finished product.

26. What is the slogan of Yuri-ism?

“The Purest Form of Love”

27. Resize option on the reader

Presently not possible, but if it becomes available to do in the future I will make sure the feature is there.

28. You guys should do what you enjoy the most and not worry so much about what some fans think.

<3. We do actually do what we enjoy the most. And that’s working on yuri and making people happy! In all seriousness, we don’t really pick up requests that we aren’t interested in doing as well. I like having readers be a huge part in what we do. But I will never make it so that the readers control everything we do. (If that made sense) I believe criticism is important, and just because one person dislikes a release doesn’t mean I won’t release more like it in the future. I cannot make everyone happy with every release, but I try to make as many happy as possible.

29. More download mirror (embedupload, especially zippyshare)

I will hopefully have direct downloads soon so I don’t have to worry about this. The problem with many peoples suggestions on download hosts is that our doujins get a lot of downloads now. Every nsfw release gets 2k+ downloads on the first release day alone. That’s a lot of heat and traffic to be bringing to new download hosts. Mediafire alone processed almost half a million of our downloads before giving us the boot.

30. If the online reader would say whether a doujinshi was NSFW or not

I will do this soon.

31. More Secret Flowers. (You didn’t say it had to be within the realm of possibility.)

The chance to be hit by lightning might be greater

But in all seriousness, the next chance for new Secret Flowers is at C85.  Beyond that, I have no idea.  The author has a history of delaying work and missing deadlines (SF6 has been delayed 4-6 times already) so don’t get your hopes up.

32. It would be nice to be able to browse by artist similar to how I can by series and pairing

Someone (totally not me) forgets to tag artists on our blog posts. Technically you can use the search bar and put in an artist name and it should bring up stuff they did. But it’s not clickable because we forget this stuff. I’ll try and remember to do this, but don’t expect something available real soon.

33. Ban that Chansu guy, definitely a trouble maker.


34. The request system; I’d like to know if the requested doujinshi have been accepted or not

I’m actually in the process of brainstorming a new request system. If I end up doing a forum for people, I might just integrate the requests section in with that instead. That way I can easily respond to threads if something has been picked up, possibly considered or a definite no go. Other possibilities are is creating some kind of interactive guest book bullshit, or using some (100% serious) customer service software where people can put in requests as tickets. Either way, I hope to make improvements to the request section soon.

35. Peeks at the doujins before downloading (so we can check the art)

I’m not sure where I would put this. I know sometimes the cover is not enough, but you could just click the reader link and go a random page.

36. Too much Madoka/Precure

Madoka and Precure make up a lot of what we do, yes. In the case of precure, it’s like an never ending yuri goldmine. So it’s often safe and easy to find yuri doujins for it. Most sites and artists aren’t kind enough to let us know if a doujin is truly yuri or not. Often times we just have to buy it and hope for the best based on the few preview images given. Precure and Madoka have a solid range of artists that we know exactly what we’re getting into. So the rate of poor (untranslatable) doujins on those series is very low, and the number of doujins for them is very abundant.

And just to add a funny story to this. When I (Chansu) originally created this group with my friend Nande we really didn’t have plans to work on much outside of Madoka. The name I suggested for this group was “Yuri Magica”, but since we wanted to do some Yuru Yuri doujins as well. Nande had suggested a different group name “Yuri-ism”. Man I’d feel dumb if we went with my suggestion now.

37. Articles about interesting things (besides releases)

I like being mostly a release site. I’m not sure our articles would be that interesting without a doujin. Or if that many people would be interested in us blogging about non release stuff. The possibility is there, but I don’t know if the demand is. I think one thing is possible, is more random pixiv releases like the Kill la kill thing. Just finding something on pixiv and suddenly feeling like doing it.

38. No Hentai label

As mentioned somewhere above. I’m renaming “Hentai” to “Lewd” so, there.

39. Regarding the Men/Bisexual questions on the survey

I added this in light of some discussion I’ve found on /u/ before. I also tried to word the survey question in such a way that nobody was (hopefully) offended.  I don’t think that many of our releases will ever fall into these categories, so I guess the big question is… should I tag this? I ‘could’ warn that a doujin contains these themes so that people that don’t want to read it won’t have to look. But at the same time I don’t really want to spoil the doujin. Thoughts? Should I tag these?

40. Regarding disliked doujins

Stray weeping beauty (the 6 rated release) received the most dislikes of everything we’ve done. This I pretty much expected, and you shouldn’t really expect us to do many doujins like this again. A few others that were disliked were ones with heavy toy usage. I’ll be sure to tag these so they can be skipped in the future. Most of our releases don’t have many toys anyway.

Man, KyoSaya nation won’t let me sleep with both eyes closed. I know, the Kyouko x Mumi doujin was the biggest slap you could ever make to that pairing, but I just wanted to do something for KyoMami in light of  the new story books. I didn’t realize it would shit all over Sayaka and rub its butt up and down on it. If it makes you feel better, Sayaka is my favourite meguca. And the rest of the staff likes Kyouko.

Some people mentioned they thought most of the Railgun doujins weren’t that good. And that may be true. Some of the doujins we picked probably did not turn out to be that interesting. It might be a product of the series rather than a problem with what we picked. There’s not too many notable yuri authors that do railgun doujins. And honestly, sorry to disappoint some of you – but I’m not a fan of Sparky x Teleporter. I just can’t take them seriously. I prefer Saten x Uiharu to that. That said, I do have another Railgun doujin in mind I’d like to do sometime.

41. Regarding pairing suggestions

Not going to individual reply to them, but our team has looked through them all. We’ll try to find stuff for some of them.

42. Do more touhou / Do less touhou

We will continue to slowly do Touhou doujins now and then. I like doing the more lewd touhou doujins since all the sfw stuff is so heavily translated by other groups. I wouldn’t expect a lot of touhou from us, but we’ll definitely be doing more.

18 comments on “Survey Responses 2

  1. Oh dear, number 21 =]]. I guess they don’t understand the meaning of “Yuri”.

    Love #28, #42 ♥. And #33, awww…. xD.

    Whatever you guys doing, I will always support your blog :D. Wish to see more and more MadokaxHomura stuffs. They are the most lovely Yuri coupleeeeee!!

  2. 1. The donate buttons are so non-intrusive I don’t get how people can be bothered with them. Just leave them (I’m even ok with them being on top of the widgets).

    2. It is possible to allow for variable page width depending on viewer. However it’s a pain to do and definitely more trouble then it’s worth. Also since blogs are posted under each other you have to fill the side area’s.

    3. Please don’t. I’m one of those people who always has the page opened and check it after opening my browser (it’s one of two dozen pages though). It would get really annoying.

    5. A Forum could be cool, I might even volunteer as a moderator if you need those.

    14. I personally like torrents. 25 releases sounds good, but will each doujin be zipped? I prefer zipped version since I use a reader.

    16. I don’t get it…

    17. Percentages are a bad idea, it won’t get releases out sooner and unless there are no new releases for a month I doubt anyone will get impatient.

    21. Yeah Futanari is not actual Yuri imo

    28. That’s always a good thing to do.

    29. As long as the upload service used works (and doesn’t ban you guys) I don’t see how having more then 1 helps.

    32. This sound only useful for a handful of artists of which you do multiple doujin’s. Not sure how many this would be.

    34. Not sure if there are any free versions that allow anyone to access issues and upvote them. There are quite a few listed here:
    It could work.

    36. Is there such as thing as too much Yuri of any kind?

    39. As long as the doujin is Yuri I’m generally ok. Though I have in the past seen Yuri doujin where though it was definitely Yuri most of the story was spend with the girls talking about guys. Generally they’re not very good doujin.

    40. Stray weeping beauty wasn’t my favorite either. Don’t mind seeing less of those.

    I like KyoSaya but I’m ok with switching the pairings up from time to time.

    I have no problem with Mikoto Kuroko but I do think that they take up too much of the Railgun Yuri doujins (that I know of). Even though there are plenty of other pairings to be made in the series.

    42. Apparently Touhou is now the answer to life, the universe and everything. Rule ⑨ ftw!
    I’m guessing people who aren’t already into Touhou have no clue what’s going on in all the Touhou doujin. So I can understand how some might dislike them.

    Personally I really like Touhou and it’s doujin’s, so I’m always ok with more.

    Well congratulations on your 200th release and keep up the good work.

  3. #14 Thanks, just thinking about it it’s enough for me. I used to download every release when they were posted but now i’m a lazy shit, i read them and then tend to forget them, so i would like to download it every… dunno, 50 releases?

    #36 There’s never too much Madoka/Precure

    #40 Aww yiss, KyoSaya all the way! But seriously, you guys broke my heart at that time… i understand the fact that the fandom is way too wide but you know, every now and then some fans get into the crappy fangirl mode and just go raging over anything they dislike

    #41 I’m glad to know there’s more people loving NagiHono, ShizNat or MinnaxMio just as me. I’m happy just from seeing them as suggestions. It would be great if you could give those pairing some love, though.

    Overall, i love this site, i’m here everyday ~
    I love yuri and ofc i love you guys :3
    I’ve been around since the very begining and i don’t think there could be a thing that makes me stop visiting. Thanks for your hard work, as always ♥

  4. 40. Geez, don’t understand why many people dislike Stray Weeping Beauty… I think having one or two LEWD level (of course without sex toys) once in a while is very fine for now. And I believe Kasumi is the only artist draws such super-yuri-lewd levels with darkest theme.

    42. Yay, love to see more Touhou doujins.

    Thank you for the survey and the result :).

  5. #3 Please don’t. Nothing is more annoying when a website suddenly starts playing music!

    #5 A forum would be nice. I would even volunteering to play the evil, powerhungry mod.

    #21 Thank you! Too much potential good Yuri gets ruined by stupid Futas.

    #36 There is nothing like too much Madoka!

    #40 People were really complaining about the Kyouko x Mumi doujin that much? It is just one doujin with this pairing and like a million with KyouSaya. You can never make everybody happy with a pairing. I know a lot of people that enjoy KyouMami and KyouSaya.

  6. 1. Removing Donations
    The way they are, I don’t think they are a problem. The buttons are very discreet.

    2. Make the blog wider
    I don’t think is a good idea too. People can just change their browser’s zoom if necessary.

    3.Add unpauseable background music that plays on load
    Please, don’t.

    5. Add a forum
    I see no need for a forum. But it’s just my personal point of view.

    21. Translate Futanari content
    Never do it, please. Really hate that stuff.

    27. Resize option on the reader
    People can change the browser’s zoom like I did.

    33. Ban that Chansu guy, definitely a trouble maker.
    What would we do without Chansu? XP

    36. Too much Madoka/Precure
    I don’t like much Precure releases. I don’t understand the history at all since I didn’t watch the anime, but I don’t see a problem in some doujinshi once in a while. I can just skip them if I feel like.
    For me, Madoka Magica is never too much. If possible I would like to see more doushinjis with Mami.

    37. Articles about interesting things (besides releases)
    More pixiv releases is a good idea.

    Thanks for all your hard work and for listen the people that read your translation ^^.
    Sorry for any mistakes. I am one of those who do not have English as a first language

  7. Those responses made me happy xD
    As for #5 I’d like to help out, because I want to get to know the yuri-ism community better

    #21 futa ruins every yuri love story i wouldnt call it even yuri anymore just dislike it really ~_~

    #22 The old ones were so cute >///<

    #31 Who doesn't? xD

    Just wanted to thank you, you are doing awesome work. Keep it up! 😀

  8. Oh please…Anything between sakuya and meiling make me happy now …
    By the way I have raws of some doujins of them two … How can I show you, if interested?
    PS: Pigeon Blood Author

  9. I’d be very much willing to help if you do setup a forum! o/ I have experience as well. o/ and thank you for the very awesome replies! xD

    And #33 but but, Chansu is awesome D;

  10. Yuri is for people who want mangas with good taste, and futanari is for repressed homossexuals who are scared to come out as gays. The site has made the right decision of never translating futa to keep doing more yuri. Who needs crossdressed gays in place of woman-on-woman love, anyway? Viel erfolg to this site!

  11. Stray weeping beauty is among one of the best releases, stop flaming this great piece of work. More releases like that are greatly welcomed. Also need more Secret Flowers!!!

  12. 1. Removing donations.
    I can’t see the problem with these buttons, they’re discrete, and they are necessary for the site, I can’t donate, but if I can in a near future, will be easier to do it if the buttons are at least a little visible.

    2. Make the blog wider.
    This is unnecessary, like someone above said, is possibly to zoom if necessary, but it’s good like the blog are right now, so don’t do it.

    3. Add unpauseable background music that plays on load.
    Please don’t! Is very annoying with a blog have music, I’m the type of person who opens multiple tabs at the same time, so if the blog have music… Is going to be sad for my ears.

    4. Older releases updated with the Lewd Meter.
    It’s a wise decision to wait for having the lewd meter at 100%.

    5. Add a forum.
    I really don’t see it necessary and don’t have much interest in a forum anyway. But that’s my personal opinion.

    6. A SFW/NFSW page separation.
    This is a great idea and I’m very grateful, it’s very useful to have these two buttons for those who like me, depending on the day (and mood) want to see only SFW or NFSW.

    10. I really, REALLY enjoy the original doujins you guys do, so maybe more of those.
    Glad to read this, I’m in the group that love original doujins *-*

    17. Percentages on progress e.g. 50% on Typesetting
    I agreed with this, is useless, and is better is you don’t do this.

    18. Add more release times.
    it’s a good idea if you gave an approximate date, but at the same time it isn’t, this is not really necessary and there is the probability that can bring future problems, such as failure to meet estimated for reasons beyond the control of you and in respond, have some angry users (not me, but is a possibility). So is better to don’t go with this.

    21. Translate Futanari content.
    I’m glad to know that you are not into this, I can’t see futanari like yuri, on the contrary I see futanari like a “Yuri mood murderer”, I prefer to see a woman to woman love.

    22. Lewd meter isn’t as cool/fun as the original
    I agreed with this, I preferred the original one, but I have to admit that is better with only 3 meters instead of 5 and the one that is in the blog now (the combination of the two) are very cute and understandably, so I’m happy with this.

    28. You guys should do what you enjoy the most and not worry so much about what some fans think.
    I’m very agree with this, the most important thing is to enjoy what you do, it’s the least you deserve after sharing with us all, so cute, sweet, adorable (lewd too) and in short very amazing manga. So with some fans you only have to said “Hakuna Matata” 😉

    31. More Secret Flowers. (You didn’t say it had to be within the realm of possibility.)
    Who didn’t want more of this series? But we have to wait because is worth it.

    32. It would be nice to be able to browse by artist similar to how I can by series and pairing
    This would be really nice if you do, really, but is a lot of work to look in what are the messages that don’t have a label, so this can wait (lamentably).

    33. Ban that Chansu guy, definitely a trouble maker.
    I can’t see Chansu like a trouble maker, what will we do without him? So definitively don’t ban him please.

    36. Too much Madoka/Precure.
    I can’t understand some of the Precure manga, but while they always be yuri then never is going to be too much of them. I will always read them happily.

    37. Articles about interesting things (besides releases)
    Maybe can be a good idea, there may be users who care about those articles, but as for me, I probably won’t read them, I almost always use my little time to download manga and other day read them, I take the time to participate in the survey and reply to this topic only because I found it important, it’s also a way to thank you for your great and hard work.

    39. Regarding the Men/Bisexual questions on the survey.
    It’s a good idea to label this, in almost every doujin of this kind the girls (or one of them) keeps talking mostly of guys in the whole manga and that sometimes will be annoying; but not always this happen and are some people that don’t care about this, so it’s good for those that don’t like this category if is tagged, so they can skip them.

    41. Regarding pairing suggestions.
    This is a good news, because it’s means that is going to be more variety in the pairings topic. I will patiently wait for this.

    42. Do more touhou / Do less touhou.
    If you will do more Touhou then that will be absolutely gorgeous, even if I can’t understand sometime some of them, I still love Touhou doujins ❤

    Well, I think this is the most longest post I ever made, but I want it to respond it the most of it because this is one of my favorite yuri page ever and I will always support your blog, I really love what you do and the doujin you choose (are only a very few that I din't like much). Thanks for all, really.

    PS. Sorry is my english was poor, I tried my best to do it understandable because english is not my first language.

  13. At this moment I am reading the replies and what-so-ever, and when I get to No. 40 question.. Oh dear.

    I like yuri and all, but the same time I like toy usage (kink there) and had like a sadistic smile on “Stray Weeping Beauty”… Also that the Madoka Meter was pretty funny!

    I love ALL SHIPPING in Madoka-magica including: KyoMami (top), SayaMami, HomuKyouko, MamiKyo.. Everything. It’s a huge star with many edges for possibliitie and can make it work. So I don’t know why Red-Beans MamiKyo would be bad. And I admit: I like the premire of “The Different Story” MORE than the anime premire. The only thing in common is that both medias had a huge impact on me with a bunch of wet tissues.

    Plus the humor like how Mami got her strange… Mushroom thing came frmo It entirely made it up for me, so you shipper better calm down!

    And YES I am late to the party. I was looking for nice SFW doujinshis, and the ones I want to find for PreCure (specifically Smile/Doki Doki).. Is it that hard to find?

    So yea. I guess I’m pretty much a magical girl person (without the mention of Nanoha).

  14. Man I was hoping to see that you guys agree with Kuroko x Mikoto :/ But oh well it’s fine, I shipped them but they’re not like my OTP so doesn’t really matter. Aside from that, I agree with all of your responses 🙂

  15. #21 rly?
    Also, let’s face it. Mami sucks. You should just censor her every time. Replace her with Akarin or something.

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