Survey Responses

Thank you all for participating in our birthday survey. We’ll try to provide some answers to website/scanlation suggestions, as well as  general notes of interest. Sorry if we didn’t get to answering your suggestion! We have read every single survey entry so your ideas were greatly appreciated. I hope this helps!

Please note that some questions have been paraphrased to flow better in a questionnaire.

1. An estimated release date along with the progress report for upcoming doujins might be nice.

ETAs are very hard for us to do. With our staff being on different work schedules it can be hard to determine a release in advance (besides special events). I likely won’t know when something is ready to release until a day before or the day of. I might possibly add a [Release Soon] as something beyond the [Quality Check] progress bar. But it wouldn’t  be added until the day of, which might not be much of an ETA for people.

2. A better way to search tags

I want to improve how the tag system works, it’ll take some time but we will try to make it less clunky or more functional.

3. Could the background be meshed better with the display so that the art can be seen instead of being mostly hidden?

Some backgrounds don’t display very well on smaller resolutions or any mobile device. I want to make a more neutral background at some point, but I’m not sure when I will implement this.

4. Can you provide a mobile/tablet version?

I’m not sure if this means website or scanlation wise. There is a mobile version of the site, on some smartphones you may need to check a setting to see it. If you mean provide mobile sized downloads for viewing manga on a mobile/ipad/kindle/whatever. That’s a possibility, but I don’t know if there is much of a demand for that right now.

5. Add Flagcounter

Ok done. I don’t want it to be in the way of my other sidebar items right now. But at the very bottom of the sidebar  you’ll see that a flagcounter is now added. Happy Stalking.

6. Be nice if a title was provided in the description such as [Circle] Name (Series)

Most of them should now have the real filenames in the bottom of the blog post.

7. The search bar is hard to find, can you put it in the header?

It won’t let me put it in the header, but I did move it closer to the top, right underneath the twitter plugin.

8. Catalog by Manga Author

We are working on tagging different doujin authors. I’ll see if there is a more efficient way to search by author.

9. More sfw doujins or more nsfw doujins

We got a couple responses asking us to do more nsfw, and a few asking to do more sfw. I try to keep a fine balance between the two. I try not to release so many nsfw in a row or so many sfw in a row. As for doing any one of them predominately, we just do what we think works at the time.

10. Can you stop naming your downloads yuri-ism #derp

Unfortunately I cannot. I think the naming convention we’re using right now is silly too. But ever since megaupload bit the dust, many download hosts are quick to strike down anything tangentially related to copyrighted material . Many scanlators have stopped using mediafire and other popular download hosts due to takedowns. You can name a notepad file COPYRIGHTED ANIME TITLE and watch it get auto deleted within days. Due to this our only measure of protecting our downloads is to hide the real filename. When you download our release, inside the zip is the filename you’re looking for. It’s a little inconvenient, but being able to download something is better than not being able to download at all.

11. Can you add a facebook group?

We have no plans to make a facebook group at this time. We do have an official twitter though!

12. Can you translate some manga instead of doujins?

We do not translate any serialized manga. We will look into doing more non series doujins though.

13. Your website is fine, but angels died when you translated that Kyouko X Mami doujin.


14.  Translate more small pixiv comics.

We’re definitely not against the idea. I don’t really browse pixiv/booru much though, so you’ll have to post something you find in our translation request section.

15. Add an online reader!

I want to! Unfortunately that will require moving to a new host and a lot of work/money. I will open a small donation drive in the somewhat near future for those that were interested in helping us get a reader up.

16. Add a chat room/forums

I can’t add a shoutbox or any easy to use in site chat room with our current host. It’ll have to wait until we have a new website. We do have a chatroom on the rizon irc network #yuri-ism though. Forums are something we will implement when we have a new host as well.

17. Add anonymous donations/paypal alternatives

We will look into good Paypal alternatives, but I’m not sure when we will have something new up. If you know of a good Paypal alternative leave us a suggestion and we’ll check it out. We will also start accepting Bitcoins as donations around summer comiket.

18. Release more doujins without toys.

I don’t have a strong opinion for or against toys. Most of our doujins likely won’t have toys though.

19. Make the website cuter

1194 - anime animu cute i'm im uguu

20. Improve means to request translations/purchases instead of using the comment system.

Unfortunately can’t really do too much to improve this without moving hosts right now.

21. The Search Bar doesn’t work very good/only searches for stuff inside blog posts.

I don’t know if I can alter how it functions, but I’ll see if I can make it suck a little less.

22. Add a sfw/nsfw rating system. Doujins are hard to tell if its porn or not.

Introducing the new Yuri-ism LEWD meter (patent pending don’t steal)

Lewd meter LEWD 4

23. More Author/Artist commentary.

Right, I will try to do more of these. Sometimes they can be a gigantic pain though so I can’t guarantee that I will translate 100% of them for now on, but there will be more.

24. Find someone to proofread / Make a place where errors can be reported.

We do have a proofreader, Rabidpatamon. Chansu/Nandeyanen also look over every release for potential mistakes. Unfortunately sometimes a typo or goof will make it through, but aside from getting more people to proofread, there is just not much we can do. I like to think that most of our releases are mistake free, though, so as long as that keeps up, there won’t be any changes to how we proofread/QC our releases. As far as error reporting goes, if you spot something, the best way to go is to leave a comment over wordpress.

25. Add more staff / release faster

My explanation for this might be rather lengthy, but I want to cover all the reasons for this. Our release speed is very fast for such a small group, especially with having to scan our own material. The thing I wanted most out of yuri-ism when I started it, was to be fun. I wanted to enjoy scanlating yuri. As a member of l4k I didn’t enjoy scanlating much, in fact I almost gave up once. It simply wasn’t very fun, trying to recruit all the time and having much of my workload outside my control, made it more like a job and less like a hobby. This is something I wanted to change with yuri-ism. I didn’t want to have to constantly concern myself with adding and losing staff members. My approach with yuri-ism was to surround myself with only people that were not only as dedicated as me, but someone I could call a friend as well. Sometimes less is more, and I think trying to add staff would only ruin what has made us successful. Yuri-ism takes up a lot of my time, more than you can possibly imagine. But I enjoy every bit of it, even after a full year of this. We’re simply a couple people who enjoy yuri and want to share it with others.

tl;dr not adding staff

26. Reduce page load time

I probably won’t do much about this right now. But whenever we do move to a new host I will start optimizing our images, and we likely won’t be using really big cover pics for our blog posts.

7 comments on “Survey Responses

  1. Yuri-ism is the best Yuri site until now. Your speed release and your translation are very well. I like your answers at Ques. 18, 22, and 25. Thanks :).

    • I wanted to say about the same thing as you, so I will just approve your opinion ^^
      Thanks to Yuri-ism, you’re the best.

  2. I feel dumb for not figuring out why all your released files were named “Yuri-ism Release ###” before this. It’s also good to hear that you’ll be trying to translate more of the authors’ comments.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I loved reading that you loved working with this much more than with L4K. And it great how dedicated you are for putting down so much time to provide us (and yourselves) with these diabetes attacks so all my love to you guys and for yuri 🙂

  4. I don’t think KyoMami is that bad. Read Madoka Magica: The Different Story, it’s very interesting and it open doors to KyoMami~

  5. I have to disagree with you, if you read the last volume it will only make it creepier since Kyouko considers Mami as a big sis and not a possible love interest.
    I for one agree with what that person said (and it actually made me laugh out loud, so props for that xD), not that I have anything against people who like the pairing, but I’m one of those who can only see them as sisters and nothing more x)

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