Release 532: Happy Buttstuff Birthday

We’ve finally done it, we’ve been around for six years! We might be one of the oldest surviving groups out there at this point. Well, at least one with the same founding members. We’ve slowed down a bit over time due to getting old and what not. But we’re trying to pick the pace up again.

Recently we launched our own Discord. If you’ve never heard of discord before, it’s an easy to use chat program. We’ve had over 400 members join since launching it about a month ago. You guys have really helped inspire us to keep working on yuri.

We also finally finished  a 500+ batch torrent after many months. You can get that here.

Wise words from translator Nande:

Today is officially our 6th Birthday! I had to ask Chansu how old we were because it’s been so long now that I forgot :^). I’m pretty slow to work on stuff these days, but after six years of doing this I don’t really see a reason to stop now, so I’ll keep going at my casual pace and work on the stuff that interests me! Oh yeah…

I never read much of the Citrus manga but I did marathon the anime… Harumin x Yuzu best ship. /personalblog

Here’s to many more years to come!

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