Release 436: Super Butt Sunday!

The adventures of butt flasher and butt peeper continues! This time the mysterious character has finally been revealed!

Back when we first started this series we stated it had (at least) 4 chapters. Well we can confirm that it will definitely keep going past the 4th one. So hold onto your butts because we have a real series here. But once you get that far on the first chapter, where do you go next? I just hope whenever this ends there will have been at least one rimming chapter or I will severely disappointed.

Almond keeps giving me the tiniest pics that never work well for blog posts. But I'm lazy and I'll use it anyway. Butts.


[Comaku] Is My Hobby Weird? ch4 (L -Ladies & Girls Love- 07) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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