13 comments on “Release 65: Black Friday Special

  1. That was really surprisingly good!! Got my emotions going!
    Thanks so much! Although I’m getting pretty spoiled with the recent KyoSaya releases.

  2. thank u so much! i remembered i saw this in pixiv and i really wanted to read it long time. thank u again.
    but wow, this is really sad. wat i hated the part is in page 13-14 *spoiler* sayaka almost called kyousuke’s name and not happy to make love with kyouko. its make me feel sad -.- but yeah, i can understand how sayaka’s feeling. its normal that u cant just forget ur first love :l

  3. thanks again yuri-ism for the release, you guys are the best…btw, when are you going to release the Yuru Yuri Akari Phantom? is it this december? cause i’m looking forward to reading it! : D

  4. Yo guys, pretty sure this is missing pages 20-21. If they weren’t skipped intentionally it would be great to have them too 😉

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