It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s that time of the year again. What…? Christmas time…? Hah! Comiket time!


Once again the time has come for us to order up another batch of the latest and greatest yuri doujins. There are a lot of releases we are looking forward to (Secret Flowers 4 anyone?), and more are likely to come that haven’t been previewed yet. All of us at Yuri-ism would like to give a big thanks to everyone who supported us through donations from last Comiket until now. Your donations were able to cover in the 80-90% range of all our doujin expenses so far, which is amazing. Once international shipping, third-party ordering fees and everything else are all factored in, it costs roughly $15-17 to buy a single doujin. Since C82 and beyond, we have bought nearly 40 doujins. We took another picture of a bunch of doujins we’ve purchased to put that into perspective:


A lot of these you will recognize as past releases, while there are others we haven’t gotten around to just yet. We wouldn’t be able to manage this level of purchasing without outside help, so once again, THANK YOU! That said, we will be taking in donations once more to help us out with Comiket83 costs. Any amount you are able to give would be a great help – if you would like to donate you can head over to this page: for more information. 100% of any donations we receive will be going straight to purchasing the best yuri doujins we can find out of C83.

We are also taking recommendations for doujins for us to purchase from C83. We wrote up a searching guide that will cover a couple different doujinshi sites, and even if you don’t know Japanese, you’ll be able to look around them and make a suggestion if you like. You can reach that page and make your suggestion here: Purchase Requests

15 comments on “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

  1. I love you all so much!! If i had paypal and an international credit card i’d sure donate to your cause, keep up ze good work

    • There’s a Lagrange doujin we’re considering, but I don’t see any for the others. We would like to have a bit more diversity with what we work on, but it’s quite challenging to find quality doujins.

  2. Donated for more KyouSaya. I heard Pikachi is releasing a new doujinshi this comiket, but I think you guys already know that.
    Gotta resume my pixiv stalking for good doujinshi.

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