18 comments on “Release 82: Mumi Loving

  1. Unfortunately due to the massive love I have for KyouSaya I just can’t bring myself to enjoy KyouMami, as ridiculous as that may sound. But thanks a bunch, guys, for all the effort and time you spare on translating all these goodies for our pure enjoyment! You are all amazing!~ 🙂

  2. Thanks for this pairing. I am reading “The Different Story” and started to have a great appreciation for MamixKyouko as as big as SayakaxKyouko.

    A doujin with the 3… Oh, that would be interesting.

  3. I wasn’t too crazy about the feeling of this doujin but well, I know some people love the MamiKyou thing. Just isn’t working for me, not with this one anyway. But appreciate all the quick releases of so many doujins.

  4. Please tell me there’s more KyoSaya coming down the line, and that you’ve all just momentarily gone crazy… is there some sort of virus outbreak? 0_0 This is how the world always ends in my nightmares… visiting yuri-ism, and doujins with Kyoko and Sayaka in different parings… I’m sorry, I need to go buy more canned foods, dig a bunker, and print out copies of my KyoSaya doujins. 0_0 — I hope I’m not too late. 9_9

  5. Yea this one might be a tough read for big KyoSaya fans. But Mami x Kyouko has become a more popular pairing these days thanks to A Different Story.

    But don’t worry, we got 50+ pages of porn from Momoya Chika coming up in the not so distant future.

  6. I support all Madoka pairings, as Godoka(And Vash the Stampede) has called for love and peace. While I myself am primarily for KyouSaya, I hate the thought of Mami being alone. Therefore, I’m not against KyouMami.

  7. I want to eat her. SLURP!
    What a coincidence, I happen to feel the exact same way about Kyouko-chan. Damn she looked so cute in this one!! I’m pretty into KyoSaya, but it’s not too difficult for me to love KyoMami as well. That was a really cool trick Mami did with the sliding!
    Thanks for this sweet doujin! Looking forward to the Momoya Chika porn!

  8. Japan likes KyouSaya more than MamiKyou (from the statistics I’ve seen), and I personally don’t care about MamiKyou at all (but the threesome option is definitely acceptable), but honestly I think it’s nice that the MamiKyou fans get something finally. A little break in what you guys usually do keeps things fresh!

  9. im really kyousaya fan and i like this doujin. its not bad, but the end is kinda hurt my heart. i dont really like kyouko give up to wear her glasses and be with mami (in the end) and mami’s words “isn’t that a privilege of someone who is still alive?” is too cold.
    however, i love that its showing that kyouko and sayaka need each other in mamikyou doujin. its perfect
    r u going to release mami x sayaka or … threesome?

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