9 comments on “Release 83: Sister Loving

  1. On page 5, the boxes have skills.
    For context of what the skills do in the game, a self (自分) buff is much more potent than just a general type buff. Additionally, Rika’s skill is a 特大アップ (Very Large) which is more effective than Mika’s 大アップ (Large), showing that Rika’s willpower overpowered Mika. I don’t think the current translation itself shows that at the moment.
    Anyway, thanks for the trans! Hope you one day translate Cinderella Girls Love. UduRin OTP.

    • In the doujin, both skills were listed as 大アップ so that’s why I went with what I did. Wasn’t aware of the of the general vs personal buff difference though, I only skimmed over some information briefly before I started translating.

      We have Cinderella Girls Love 1/3 also, just went for this one first cause the yuri incest was too hard to resist.

      • Ah, really? Must’ve been changed from the preview then. And that difference of personal vs type is something that’s learned more from word of mouth and reading wikis than just general knowledge, so yeah.
        Also, that’s great to hear! I was worried that doujin was lost forever, I thought toranoana and such were out of stock when I last checked.

        • Yeah, it was out of stock for a long time when I first noticed it, but when the artist released the 2nd one I think he renewed the stock of the first as well.

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