12 comments on “Release 112: The Sex Cannon

  1. Nooo dammit! ;_; this fic was already translated once upon a time, along with a Kuroko/Uihara one that happens before this doujin’s events. I don’t know where or how long ago it was translated though because I was given it by a friend of mine.

    Sigh…oh well least it’s in a more obvious place now for people who haven’t had the pleasure of reading it before. But this pairing needs another doujin besides this one, because Saten x Misaka is THE otp in that series imo dang it!

    • Sex from the very beginning or something so lewd that giving it a 4 would be an understatement. I don’t plan on ever needing to use a [5] much as any nsfw doujin is expected to have several pages of sex. So lots of sex would imply it’s gone above and beyond the norm.

  2. Hell yes! Hot, hot, hot!
    Love it when the Railgun characters get crazy!
    Thanks for the delightfully lewd release!
    Now I’m trying to imagine what constitutes a level 5 release.

  3. u know, i dont really like this anime (forgot the name) becoz its kinda boring to watch.. but this doujin is really good ^^ i enjoy it. love railgun girl

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