Release 111: Saki time

Joint release with some of our friends at Yuriproject. They have a spiffy new website, so be sure to check it out.


**Note** This has spoilers for anyone who is following the anime and not the manga.

Download: Mediafire

(C83) [Tetsubou Shounen (Natsushi)] So hold my hand one more time [English] [Yuri-ism Project]

Lewd meter PURE 1

19 comments on “Release 111: Saki time

    • I know right, I’m almost (not really) looking forwards to seeing the rest of those things more then I am the actual releases.

  1. Thanks for the release, going to pass on this one because I don’t follow the series but I love the lewd meter.

  2. oh whuaaaaai?? why I always got “access denied” thing….
    something must be wrong with me ISP…
    oh Lord why hast thou forsaken me….

    ….I’ll just try again later.

    Btw, thanks for the release. 🙂

  3. Cute doujin, thanks. But a spoiler warning would always be welcome. The last episode of the show is yet to air and I wasn’t expecting this to directly reference the match on the first page. Sure it’s kinda obvious how it’ll go but…

  4. Cute Madoka meter!
    I wonder which lewdness she likes the most!
    Haven’t been keeping up with the manga, so this was a bit of a surprise. But that’s fine, as I only casually follow Achiga-hen.
    Thanks for the release!

  5. Link is down, please upload to Sendspace.

    Sadly, even the “” site doesn’t work atm. 😦

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