Survey Results and Responses

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in the birthday survey. The number of responses has slowed down considerably, so we’re going to address some of the comments and suggestions now rather than wait. The survey will remain open for the time being in case anyone else wants to respond.

First up, we have some super awesome pie charts and graphs for those of you interested: surveyresultsimagethingySTOPLOOKINGATMYFILENAMES

Next up, we have some answers to all of your comments regarding the website and the way we scanlate, as well as character pairings. It’s a bit much to cram all into one page, so we split them into two.

For the page with scanlation / website responses: Click HERE

For the page with character pairing responses: Click HERE

7 comments on “Survey Results and Responses

  1. Argh, I’m old. Always interesting to see the results of these though, looks like the quality of this site and your work has been appreciated though since more then half of the people now browsing discovered it later, rather then just coming from l4k. Congrats on that as well as the year mark! (also burn all the heretics who don’t acknowledge madohomu as the best!)

    • I agree the results are very interesting. The thing I was really curious about was how many people haven’t read yuri before anything we’ve done. I’d like to think that our efforts of branching out on sites that don’t typically have much or any yuri at all has attracted new fans to the genre.

      Seeing someone comment that they have never read yuri before but they really enjoyed X doujin really makes my day.

  2. So I dunno if you care or if this means much, but I freaking want to meet everyone on the yuri-ism staff in real life, at a con or something, and just give you all a big hug. Then I would shower everyone with fangirlish and squealing praises of admiration and happiness at all your hard work!

    Also these results are really interesting thanks so much for them. And thanks for typing up responses to commonly requested stuff. It’s hilarious, though I hope you guys don’t feel too bad about meeting some of those demands cause it’s like seriously? Give these guys a bit more credit and stop being so dang picky people! You guys are doing a great job! And these upcoming doujins, ESPECIALLY Saten/Misaka, are freaking amazing choices! Thanks for the diversity!

  3. I really do appreciate the work you all are doing! And I love how you respond to like all the questions, sometimes even giving lengthy answers. The hard work, and effort, and the time you spend communicating to those that follow yuri-ism really shows.

    Gotta say, that Recette picture cracked me up! It came from no where! Also, It’s interesting to see how close to even everyone’s chosen paths of destiny were. I didn’t know which would win, but I definitely thought there would’ve been a landslide in some sort of direction.

  4. I agree with my fellow readers. You guys/gals do an amazing job not just with translating and all but also keeping in touch with yuri fanboys/fangirls out there. You do not ignore requests or suggestions and also ask readers what doujin you should work on. That is what I like about you. Thank you all very much for your hard work and please keep it up! Sorry if my english is bad.

    P.S. Yeah! The almost rare yuri incest and that to of Girls und Panzer!

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