Release 110: Happy Birthday Yuri-ism!

Happy Birthday Yuri-ism!

One year ago today, Yuri-ism was founded and forged in lesbian utopia — or more accurately, the backseat of a het scanlation group. Before we started this site, Chansu and I(nandeyanen) were members in Life4Kaoru, and we only did an occasional yuri doujin on the side. It wasn’t until we found some Madoka doujins by a certain artist that we started considering doing yuri full-time.

When we eventually did make the site, it started off with just me and Chansu, but we added more help throughout the past year. I’d like to take this chance to give some thanks and recognition to: Anon Yuri, Oscar, Altereggo, Nouz, Lich, Rabid Patamon, Rika-chama, and Peppermint Grinder. Godoka bless all of you.

We selected the doujin we’re releasing today because the prequel, “Our Survival Strategy” by Pikachi aka Momoya Chika, is what put the rainbow gears for the creation of this site in motion. Since we got our start with KyoSaya, we’ll celebrate with KyoSaya.

We also have another survey available. This time we’re doing it through google-docs, so we aren’t limited on the number of responses. We included the questions from the previous poll so anyone who missed out can now give their input. There are a bunch of new questions as well. You can take the OFFICIAL Yuri-ism Survey Here.


(C83) [Energia (Pikachi)] Our Courting War Front (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Download:  Sendspace | Yuri-ism

50 comments on “Release 110: Happy Birthday Yuri-ism!

  1. Not much to say beyond a big congratulations. I remember when you first started, it was a particularly good time given the winding down of a number of previous major yuri groups. This place has enriched us all, and while I don’t know how long your last it’ll always be appreciated.

  2. Happy birthday and congratulations on staying strong even after a year 🙂 you guys have released some amazing doujins over the past year including this one i’ll admit i was worried about Sayaka disappearing since i’m a fan of KyoSaya and HomuMado as always i’m looking forward to your future releases 🙂

  3. Never thought one year has passed since my first comment on Yuri-ism.
    I really proud, can’t convey it with word.
    Many thanks for all of you that contribute for Yuri fandom.
    Keep it a good work and support our Yuri as long as you live.

    Thanks and Happy Birthday.

  4. Nice survey, although I don’t quite like that the pairing questions are not optional, since not everyone is familiar with them. Had to pick pretty much randomly for the Madoka pairings.

  5. Really great choice of doujins for your anniversary. I will never get tired of KyouSaya because they really have the most interesting and compelling stories…romantic, tragic, cute, hot all in one. Please keep finding and doing more stories like this for them or anyone else!

  6. Thank you yuri-ism for all the great yuri doujins and may you continue your greatness well into the future. Happy Birthday! \(*°∀°)/

  7. YAAAAAA!!! kyousaya is back ^.^ thank u so much.. at the same time i was scared that she will disappear ans then happy that she is okay. lol, i homura said to mami about sex XD it made me laugh.. Happy Birth-Day Yuri-ism ^.^

  8. Happy birthday! I’ve been reading your releases ever since Yuri-ism started, and loved everyone one them. Thank you very much for all the hard work. Really, I love yuri so much and your work has often made me feel incredibly happy, so thank you again for all the happiness you have brougth to me, and to other fellow yuri fans.

  9. Happy birthday, Yuri-ism! Amazing it’s been one year now since this great yuri scanlation group was started. Here’s to hoping for many more, great years to come!

    On the release, once again Momoya Chika seals the deal with that KyouSaya goodness. The plot was a good take on Homu’s time travel and Sakaya’s eternal suffering. More sex than usual, but it was incredibly sweet. And, of course, there’s the top-notch scanlation effort put in by you guys! Another great release that is HNNG/10!

  10. Happy birthday yuri-ism ! I know I said this before but allow me to say this again: YOU GUYS/GIRLS ARE AWESOME!
    Thank you very much for all the great yuri doujin you have brought to us all this time !
    I check this site quite often and whenever I saw a new release, it always made my day !
    Once again thank you very much for all you have done so far, I wish yuri-ism continue to be one of the best yuri scan groups !

    • There are only two genders; some people are not born with bodies that match their gender. Are you confusing transgender with two-spirit? (two-spirit: identifying with both genders.)

      • “Gender” is just another word for “sex” and the question makes perfect sense in that context. Gender identity, of course, is a far more complicated matter that demands an “other” option.

        • No, sex refers to biological differences, gender refers to mental differences. That’s why it’s called gender identity (as opposed to sex identity.) It’s not complicated, and it wouldn’t make any sense to give “transgender” if they meant sex, because however you identify yourself you’re currently in the body of a man or women. Or, at the very least, having a body that is neither male nor female would not be being “transgender.”

          Being “transgender” is having a body different than your gender, it’s not a gender itself. I want to be generous to yuri-ism which is a great site but you see too much evil in the world, even in my home country, bigotry is there…

        • I agree that having an other option would be good though, for two-spirits and other identities. Transgender is not a gender though.

  11. Sweet Goddess Madokami!
    This is a fantastic, high power, shot to the heart of KyoSaya love! That was sooo hot when Kyouko broke into school to do it with Sayaka!! Love that! And the end was sooo beautiful! Their love even reached back into the old cycles! Kyaaaaaaaah!

    Happy birthday Yuri-ism! Strange that it seems like you’ve been around for longer than a year. The founding principles of celebrating the beauty of yuri makes you all shine in the eyes of the Goddess! I’m so happy and thankful for all the work you do to share the most beautiful form of love with so many! Yay!

  12. Hello Yuri-Ism 🙂 ahm… Congratulation and Happy Birthday to you! 🙂 thank you for all your hard work 🙂 may you have more birthdays to come 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday Yuri-Ism!!! You are my god/goddess for as long as I am still breathing on this Earth, thank you so much for your hard working. Please keep up this spirit!!!

  14. Happy Birthday guys!! You have provided me with all this awesome yuri during this year and I love you for your hard work!

  15. Happy Birthday and thanks for all your hard work. Please keep up the good for us in the future too. As for the doujin: Pikachi is cute and sexy as always. Long live KyoSaya.

  16. yay! was looking forward to this doujin. amazing work as usual! happy birthday yuri-ism, please don’t ever stop what you’re doing ❤





  18. Happy belated birthday. May you continue bringing the yuri for years to come.
    And may the god of KyoSaya doujinshi continue to grace us with more epic doujinshi.

  19. Happy Belated birthday to all of your group’s members! Thank you for being born yuri-ism, your work is an invaluable contribution to enthusiasts all around the world. I have so many fond memories from reading the amazing stories that you share with us. Happy continuation.

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