Release 136: Bathing Witches

Our 2nd full color release, in collaboration with Almond and Team Vanilla. The title is rather misleading as very little bathing actually happens. Yuri-ism will be teaming up with TV/LWB  to help bring you a lot more yuri doujins in the upcoming weeks.  That means more projects will be going on at once than usual. You can check the sidebar to see what is currently being worked on.


[P-lemo(Miya)] 501st Joint Fighter Wing Breast Competition -After- (Strike Witches) [English] =Yuri-ism & TV=

Lewd meter LEWD 4


Deposit Files

3 comments on “Release 136: Bathing Witches

  1. Even MORE releases? Jeez, you guys are machines. Thanks a lot for providing so many doujins (and even some original works) for us! Nice to see a plethora of SFW ones in line as well.

  2. Soooooo fast with releases! Thanks for all the hard work~ And I’m with Rection, the line of 1’s is sort of relieving to see.

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