Release 139: Rock Stars

Fans of shorthair will enjoy this doujin very much. Oh, there’s also two cute girls in love if you’re into that sort of thing.


Lewd meter LEWD 4

Random Mirrors

(Sorry for different hosts again, Sendspace was causing major problems so we’re dropping it. Though, that said, if anyone has any good suggestions for file hosts – we’re listening. And no we are not going back to Mediafire, ever.)

10 comments on “Release 139: Rock Stars

  1. Oh my, the art for this looks very charming. Although their necks are a bit…yeah. Not that it’ll stop me from enjoying the glorious short-hair goodness! Thanks for your work!

  2. What a good DJ! I just found out that short hair is more attractive than long, silk hair :”>… I really like Tomboy-ish Style, especially in Yuri World ♥.

    Thank you guys for the release ;). And about the host, what about I think this host is finer than MF and Uploaded.

    • Keep Mega, it seems to be reasonably reliable despite the silly part where it skips the normal browser download dialogue. As for an alt..2shared?

  3. Nice! Very cute! I really like these two!
    So far I think is the best file host. Sendspace was terrible.

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