14 comments on “Release 138: Back Pains

  1. Awesome DJ ♥♥♥ I like the art. Hayate looks super cute and Signum is so cool ^0^ ♥

    Thanks you guys so much for the release ♥♥♥

  2. A Nanoha doujin not centered on NanoFate, what a rarity! I wish Hayate got more love (literally) but at least I can cherish the few that get scanned.

    • Did you try downloading from a different host? No problems on our end.

      Unfortunately “My Prince” was sold out super early while still in the preorder stage, and was never available to purchase again, so we could never get it. I’ve been looking for it on used-doujin sites but no luck so far.

      • Tried depositfiles, turned out alright. Sendspace is the one with a potential problem, unless my download terminated prematurely in the last handful of seconds.

        RE My Prince: Ouch. That sucks big-time! Well, at least it’s a relatively NEW doujinshi (first out in December of last year), so there’s hope yet that it may be available again later — unless there’s something that I don’t know.

    • Yeah, Sendspace corrupt here also. md5 is 386293f75d61d2b2467887b6ddc7c0f7 fwiw.

      And agree with Rection, always fun to see more Hayate. Too bad there isn’t much fanart even let alone doujins of Hayate/Vivio, got attached to that one after some of bandit99 and sanpon’s art, and the prerogative of the brave fic.

  3. Finished reading. We need more high-quality Hayate x Signum… or any Hayate x Wolkenritter pairing, for that matter.

  4. man, i havent come here long time XD as expected Yuri-ism ever, this doujin is really good! i feel i really miss to read some doujins from Yuri-ism and here i started read this doujin how they miss each other alot. wat a coincidentally!

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