Release 141: Attack on Lesbian

Many thanks to Döffel from /u/ for editing this. I’m hoping there will be plenty of yuri doujins of these two in the future. WARNING: Some manga spoilers are in this.


[Hakujyo (Tokawa)] A Distant Fragrance (Shingeki no Kyojin) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Lewd meter PURE 1



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22 comments on “Release 141: Attack on Lesbian

  1. Now, I only came here to see what kind of DJ of SnK you were doing. Unfortunately, I hate yuri, yoai and both ai. On the bright side, I scrolled through just about every post you had to see the rating system. I fucking loved it. Almost makes me want to read this. ALMOST.

  2. This doujin was absolutly beautiful. The naration was fluide, melancholic, the plot good, and Ymir totally stunning. I love her.
    Thank you !

  3. So, with the temptation to read this regardless of what it may spoil for the story, can anyone tell me how far you need to be into the manga/anime before this stops being a spoiler?

  4. Everytime I download it, my computer says it doesn’t support the .rar type and won’t let me see anything. Is there any other file of it I could download?

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