17 comments on “Release 142: The Yuri Bandit

  1. What a such beautiful art and lovey-dovey storyyy <3! Yuri Original story is the best :3.

    The weather is nearly hot outside, and your stuff made its hot double kk~

    Thank for the release!

  2. Oh I’ve been looking forward to reading this ever since it was posted on the upcoming status! I loved every bit of it.

    Thank you once again for yet another beautiful release!

  3. Finally we get some more Minase Ruruu!
    As expected, great art and an absolutely lovely story, thank you very much for picking this up.
    I really hope to see more works by her appearing in here soon.

  4. I just didn’t have internet for a few days and see how many new releases there are! Great work 🙂
    But out of all the new releases this is my absolute favorite one. It’s a shame I haven’t heard anything of this artist yet, so thank you for choosing this manga. Please dear Yuri-ism, show us more manga or doujins by Grache Grache.

  5. This had a great story, and I really like the characters as, y’know, characters. It’d be awesome to see any kind of sequel to this, hentai or not

  6. at first i felt sorry for Hazumi becoz its almost look like a rape, but then i learn Itsuki’s behind story and i totally understand her. this yuri doujin is a great story and the drawing-style is too perfect. i really love it. hope we get more releases by GracheGrache ^.^

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