21 comments on “Release 216: Crazy Schoolgirls

  1. Did that Twincest doujin from this author ever get a follow up? I know the afterward of the that said something about wanting it to continue.

  2. I’m a bit worried by that ending. I hope there isn’t a threesome it looked to me like that other girl initiated the kiss and she got the wrong idea and she’s going a bit off with how to deal with it. Still it was quite cute other than that odd moment at the end.

  3. Seems like if there’s a 2nd part it might turn into a threesome =/
    And I wish we were able to know what Natsuko and Watanohara were talking about and if Natsuko was into that kiss…

  4. what font or what name of the font was used for this manga i really like it if anyone can help me out much appreciated 🙂

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