Regarding donations over Paypal

As of today, 12/28/2013, we can NO LONGER take donations over Paypal. Please do not send any additional donation money over paypal, as we might not be able to ever have access to it.

After years of taking donations to buy porn they decided to ban my account of nowhere, but that’s their loss. But please don’t worry, absolutely NO donation money was lost as a result of this.

That said, we are looking for alternatives, so if anyone knows of any please suggest them in this post! We can still take bitcoins, but I imagine anyone who has them now would want to hold on to them, considering what’s going on with their price.

——————- UPDATE ———————-
This is copy and pasted from the strike witches post so it will still be easily visible.

On the paypal/donation front, I am considering a service called “Flattr”. It allows you to put up a certain amount of money up front to start, and then donate it on a per-month basis to whichever causes you support. I assume if you wanted to donate a single time and not worry about splitting the money up, you could just put in whatever amount of money to start and then tell it to pay it out the full amount the first month. The biggest draw for us is that 1) unlike other services we looked at, they take payments internationally and are not restricted to the United States only, and 2) they allow adult content. I’m hesitant to sign up for a service that doesn’t and get the Paypal-shutdown treatment again. Anyway, opinions needed! Please let us know what you think about this because it will affect how we take donations in the future. Otherwise we might have to do Amazon payments/Google wallet for US donations only, and our other International-friends might have to use Bitcoin if they wanted to donate. You can check out this place here: Flattr and if you want to go to the page we have set up, it’s right here.

tldr: Fuck you, Paypal.

17 comments on “Regarding donations over Paypal

  1. Paypal strikes again… They kept rejecting the automatic payments I set up to you too. Had to make them manually. Hopefully you can find a good alternative!

  2. Sonofabitch…goddamn paypal. They did this to some other site I used to frequent a long while ago….But I have no knowledge of an alternative, I’m sorry :/ I hope this works out…

  3. I had problems with payday a few months back. Someone got access to my account or billed my account without my knowledge. Funds almost transferred and I would have dealt with the overdraw fees for their crap service. I wont use them any longer after that.

  4. Best wishes in finding a suitable alternative. Hopefully one that doesn’t charge as much as flattr….

    What a crummy way to end the year.
    Happy New Year though! May the yuri continue perpetually~

  5. How rude. I don’t understand this aversion towards sexual content. I would think a business that cares about money wouldn’t care what the money is being sent around for as long as its not illegal.

    I’ve never looked into this donations stuff. Wish I could help, this site is so awesome.

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