Release 217: Yuri on a Rainy Day

Having a doujin for every Strike Witch is going to be another one of my yuri-missions. The show is too gay to let a single character go to waste!

On the paypal/donation front, I am considering a service called “Flattr”. It allows you to put up a certain amount of money up front to start, and then donate it on a per-month basis to whichever causes you support. I assume if you wanted to donate a single time and not worry about splitting the money up, you could just put in whatever amount of money to start and then tell it to pay it out the full amount the first month. The biggest draw for us is that 1) unlike other services we looked at, they take payments internationally and are not restricted to the United States only, and 2) they allow adult content. I’m hesitant to sign up for a service that doesn’t and get the Paypal-shutdown treatment again. Anyway, opinions needed! Please let us know what you think about this because it will affect how we take donations in the future. Otherwise we might have to do Amazon payments/Google wallet for US donations only, and our other International-friends might have to use Bitcoin if they wanted to donate. You can check out this place here: Flattr and if you want to go to the page we have set up, it’s right here.


C80) [Kurocan (Itsuki Kuro)] Hartmann2.5 XXX on a Rainy Day (Strike Witches) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (Direct download)
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13 comments on “Release 217: Yuri on a Rainy Day

  1. First things first: Thanks for the upload!
    I’m a fan of your scanlation team since forever and to be honest I was totally dissappointed when you said that your PayPal Account got banned because I finally managed to save up some money from my job (christmas bonus hoooray!) and then this…. well.
    I hope Flattr will turn out to be a good alternative although i don’t like their charges… 10% per transaction if I correctly understood that? But well… The main thing is that I can donate xD
    Wish you a happy new year from germany guys!

  2. Flattr sounds good to me since I’m not from the US and wouldn’t want to use Bitcoin, but I’d much prefer a single payment instead of this monthly hoo-ha, but if this is unavoidable then I guess I can’t complain!

  3. Woohoo, finally, EricaTrude doujin. And yes, SW is too gay for shipping each couple like SanyaEila, DonJane, etc. thank you for the release.

    P.S: Sounds good when Flattr allow to buy adult contents xD.

  4. The doujin was so warm and fuzzy. Also, good to hear you settled on an alternative quickly, does Flattr allow you to transfer funds to it through paypal if I wanted to use it?

  5. Agree on the endless yuri potential of Strike Witches, would be happy to see more. Would be interested to see any slightly different then standard combos/threesomes/moresomes too, there’s lots of room for variation!

    As far as donation I’ve heard decent things about flattr, though the high trans cost as the price to do business stings a bit. For myself I think it’d just motivate me to finally dig back out my bitcoin wallet/info and get refamiliarized with it after all these years. Crypto currency is something to pay attention to even if the form changes over time.

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