Release 232: Lewdcure Compilation

This release is a couple chapters out of a larger book, we chose not to do all of them. But! (in my opinion) these were the best chapters in it. There is smut from Suite, Smile, and Dokidoki.

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(C84) [Sweet Pea & Cocoa Break, MuraMura Pocky, Waterfall, Sinosino (Oshima Tomo, Kasumi, Sinohara Sinome, Takano Saku] Yuri-Cure!! (Suite Precure, Smile precure, Dokidoki Precure) [English] [Yuri-ism]

*Note* If you have trouble extracting due to the long file name, extract to somewhere other than your desktop. *Note*

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (Direct Download)
[Read Online]

25 comments on “Release 232: Lewdcure Compilation

  1. It’d be great if you guys went back to telling us when you’ll release new stuff. I’ve been getting anxious, and I end up refreshing the site every few minutes.

  2. (Whoa! Big thanks for scanlating the best parts of this one! I’m having trouble putting my gratitude into words…)

  3. I’m assuming there wasn’t any NagiXHono or SakiXMai in the book? those two couples deserve more love there’s hardly any yuri doujins of them

  4. Sometimes I think your taste in pairings is serious crap Yurism. And wtf is up with translating half a book? Skipping over some good artists here. Jesus.

  5. yea seriously what’s up with the miyuki x rei. that was borderline NTR. left a bad taste. i’m guessing a staff member who likes crack pairing pushed it through.

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