Release 233: Train Stalker

Who needs chocolate and sweets when you can have yuri doujinshi!? So this is our gift to all of our readers – Happy Valentine’s Day!

For those curious, yes this one actually does have a sequel… but we don’t have it. It was released some time ago, and is sold out // not available anywhere at the moment, but I’ll keep trying.



(C80) [GracheGrache (Minase Ruruu)] Touch Me (Original) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (Direct Download)
[Read Online]

31 comments on “Release 233: Train Stalker

  1. Minase Ruruu is the sweetest treat I can ever ask for on valentines day. This was awesome and NEEDS a continuation! It always stops at the best part.. honestly I wanted them to be on the train and do it. Thanks for the release!

  2. God, this artists is so good. Literally everything she does is great.

    Just out of curiosity, on an unrelated note, do you guys have any Momoya Chika in the works/and or planned?

  3. At first, I saw your pic on twitter and thought “here we go another KyoSaya doujin YAY!” :”>. It was a surprised gift since it’s one of Minase Ruruu dj :D. Thank you guys so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  4. See if this actually happened to me on a train i wouldn’t get anywhere near this situation cause it would end in me getting thrown off the train for assault 😛 to be fair though she did act semi realistic by actually trying to slug her instead of the “im just going to stand here and let him grope me” attitude a lot of hentai seems to have 😛

    that being said, cute ending was cute

  5. Do you think you could tell me the title of the part 2? I might be able to find it… (somewhat) also, on a somewhat related, and/or not related not, I’d like to share my conversation with Isya-san of things to look forward to, this year.

    In another hand is my other hand, Thanks so much for this wonderful Minase Ruruu release! Happy Day of Hearts!

  6. Oh, a great one, yuri/chikan, it’d be my all-time favorite category if there was enough of it to actually be a category XD

    Thanks a lot, it was great, it really would be nice to see the sequel. 🙂

  7. this remind me a echi yuri novel called mi-ku-mi…
    the plot is like the same… the stalker knows the girl and just did things on trains…

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