Release 238: MakoRitsu!

Who wants some CRACK!?

MakoP and Rikka make a pretty cute couple. When Mana is off being annoying with ShitRegina, someone needs to be with Rikka!



[World of Pure (Negom)] All is well that ends well. (DokiDoki! Precure) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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27 comments on “Release 238: MakoRitsu!

  1. Woe, not expected to see Negom work in here xD. As long as it’s PreCure, I am waiting for more crack pairings kk. Thanks for the release:).

  2. I love ManaRitsu, but this was surprisingly good as well, so thanks a lot~
    Also the art in this one was pretty nice, so I hope we’ll see more of this artist soon.

  3. If this is going to be constant thing might I suggest adding a “Crack” tag. So it’s easier for myself as well as others who don’t like crack pairings to avoid.

  4. Ugh more crack. Why are the standards getting so low? Like really, that chuu2 doujin had to be the worst. Dekomori has a girl she’s shipped with in the show, and there are doujins of them, but you did some crack pairing where she is with a straight girl.

  5. Great DJ! It’s a shame that the artist closed their twitter/pixiv account, but then again, they were caught tracing and such.

  6. first thought: “this not going to like me”::: I like rikka x mana. but it was pretty good so thanks for this new feeling. and keep going

  7. Cool, ANOTHER sub par Yuri-ism doujin. With how many other good doujin there are out there it’s shame things like this get scanlated. Sure, it’s your choice what you do, but pandering low quality goods to the minority is just unwise at best.

  8. Thought I’d comment for once to counterbalance the naysayers. Thanks for the release! It’s well-drawn & sweet, which is more than fine~ Heh, what a fun theme. Keep the love flowing!

    Wow, people in a niche complaining about niche being overly niche…. Whining about crack pairings when the only pairings in a show about middle-schoolers are those seen through yuri goggles. Doesn’t help males are sidelined, given the target demographics. Forgive me for pointing out that this site is for yuri, not some particular definition of it. If there is one, it’s the one this group fancies.

    • Here, let me summarize that comment for you.
      “I have literally zero standards and am fine with anything as long as it’s yuri.”

  9. Friendly reminder that the people who say they like this are the one who says they like everything.
    Especially that carlos guy. Who just says “thanks for the chapter!!!!!” constantly, even though these are not chapters. I guess you can tell how thankful he actually is by the number of exclamation points he uses. He used one more here than the last time he said it, so maybe he liked this a little more. Who knows.

    Anyway, my point being yuri has never had a very good fan base so it’s not surprising some people like crack pairings, as bad as they may be. Best just to ignore it and move on. It’s not like Yuri-ism last crack Precure pairing went over well anyway. Not even people on Dynasty had anything good to say about it, and they’re almost always positive.

    In conclusion, I appreciate all the work you guys do here at Yuri-ism and I will always be thankful. But I do sincerely hope you soon get back to the pairings you know we all love. Those being NanoFate, Eila x Sanya, MadoHmou, KyoSaya, NicoMaki ect ect.

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