Release 239: Sex Friends

This is the first of our double releases today. We had a good number of requests for alternative Meguca pairings in our past surveys, so we decided to pick this up.

Please note that this story contains a cheating/NTR aspect. If you are a big MadoHomu or KyoSaya fan, you will not enjoy this, do not read it. For those of you who were looking for something different for a change, enjoy!



(C85) [BLEU (Mizuki)] Yearning, Love (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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59 comments on “Release 239: Sex Friends

  1. Yes, finally, Mizuki’s release in here xD. KyouSaya is good, and MadoSaya is a good different, too. What a nice reading for weekend. Thank you for the release ^^

  2. Ugh, not only crack. But crack NTR. can’t get much worse. Thank god for Forest Village.

  3. Well, I’m sure you made the crack shippers of /a/ happy. Now I dread seeing pages of this posted constantly.

  4. I love KyoSaya, but I enjoyed this nevertheless. Yuri NTR is even better than normal NTR.
    Thanks for the alternative release!

  5. Not NTR strictly speaking since as it was explicitly stated, Sayaka and Kyoko aren’t a couple, and Homura even gave Kyoko fair warning that she’d steal Sayaka if she didn’t act.

  6. is this like the only jomusaya doujin there is, you could have at least done something nicer. kyoko was treated terribly here.
    please stop doing these crack pairings.

  7. Wow, my ship almost sank after reading that, and I JUST read the description, AFTER reading the doujinshi, oh god, why… O^O

    • Crack and NTR. It’s more like you appreciate bad things.
      I’m kind of a little annoyed that Yuri ism did something witch such poor taste.

  8. That wasn’t bad, an interesting release. It seemed like Homura’s somewhat playful NTR-ish meddling would help Sayaka come to term with her feelings for Kyouko, and for Kyouko to respond/act.

    I liked Homura’s comparison of herself to Sayaka in terms of taking on too much by themselves. It’s also implied Homura has somewhat of an attachment to Sayaka, since she’s the only one who remembers who she really is. I love that idea.

    Although I imagine this HomuSaya thing to be more… secret, rare, extreme? Not so out in the open and soft. It almost feels like Homura is doing Sayaka a favor, if she’s going to act like that with her feelings. Blatant NTR against Kyouko/Madoka is NOPE, but in this it doesn’t seem like KyoSaya/MadoHomu are fully realized(somehow), so it’s not that bad. I love it when Homura gets to be playful and somewhat mean, with Sayaka it seems like you could go very far with this. Although I imagine Sayaka to be less clueless and more defiant.

    As the author even said in the end, it “almost turned into KyoSaya”. Homura is sorta playing the demon-villain role, but ultimately it seemed to lead those two in the right direction.

  9. People keep saying it is NTR but…it really isn’t. Kyouko and Sayaka are obviously not together. it even seems like Homura tries to push Kyouko into the Sayaka direction. Her method just seems a bit…extreme.

  10. To all the people discussing NTR. The release post says “NTR aspects” that does not mean “literal NTR”. And it’s obvious this is much closer to being NTR than to not being NTR.

    What makes it closer is that Kyouko and Sayaka would have gotten together if not for Homura’s interface. And what people are misconstruing Homura trying to get Kyouko and Sayaka together is actually her just rubbing it in Kyouko’s face, and being out right cruel. Even in the author’s notes they said they intended for it to be written as Kyouko “getting the short end of stick.”

    And unless something is lost in translation when they are saying it “almost became KyoSaya” they are saying that’s what they almost wrote instead of this.

    As for my personal take on this: 0/10

  11. I read the warning, I ignored, big surprise and lot of feelings, feels good have listened to the temptation.

    really thanks for bringing new things.

  12. I don’t really see the issue here. The warning, in BOLD, I might add, was put there for a reason and those that chose to read the doujin anyways despite how they felt regarding touchy subjects and pairings, well that’s entirely their own fault. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for MadoHomu especially and don’t mind KyoSaya (although I prefer KyoMami because of Farewell Story and wish for doujins of them), but I can appreciate this doujin for what it is. Having watched Rebellion, this type of story and pairing doesn’t seem too far out there in my opinion and I liked having seen more of Akuma Homura’s devilish side.

    I’ve come across quite a fair bit of NTR related material in the past and this doujin is so very vanilla compared to them, mostly because no one is in an actual/official relationship in this doujin and Homura and Sayaka are merely using each other as a means of comfort. Sure, Kyouko may have gotten the “short end of the stick” but that’s the way the cookie crumbles when someone suspects something but does nothing about it. That was the only NTR-esque moment in the entire doujin, if I had to say.

    I, for one, am glad to see something a bit different from Yuri-ism since it is quite a different flavor from what’s usually on the table. While I may like sugary sweet most of the time, I am not against having something bittersweet or slightly salty every now and then. Thank you for the release, Yuri-ism. I am actually looking forward to seeing more drama/darker themed works from you if any are planned, despite the “scorn” you are getting for this release.

    To those who ignored the blatant warning – You have only yourselves to blame so stop giving Yuri-ism unneeded grief. To each their own. If you’re dead set on a certain pairing, don’t even bother reading any other since there’s a fat chance you won’t like it either way, especially when there’s a big ole warning saying you won’t.

    • Different != good, or even close to good for that matter. I think I see maybe one person say something about being unwarned, the rest are calling bad because it’s bad.

      You pretending to think otherwise just goes to show the mentality of crack shippers, you convincing yourself they are saying it’s bad because they were unwarned. Well that’s not the case. Get over it, and stop pretending this pairing actually has a bases past the two characters knowing each other.

      It’s not about the release being dark or bitter sweet, that’s fine, because they actually do that all the time. A lot of the older Momoya Chika works have dark aspects to them. This is called bad because it’s bad, nothing more or less.

  13. Geez, people whining about pairings that have no more basis in reality than the other. Always happens, & more so with the most popular pairings. Doesn’t matter that it’s middle schoolers in a series with no pairings what-so-ever. Shouldn’t be able to say it’s bad considering yuri-ism has plenty of people to decide on what to translate.

  14. “KyouSaya has not more bases than HomuSaya.”
    “The Madoka series has no pairings at all.”
    Hahaha, that’s a good one, you can’t be serious. Even if you haven’t watched Rebellion yet, where a ton of relationship development takes please, that’s still entirely untrue. You look very ignorant saying that, and presumably being serious about it makes it all the more funny.

    Stop defending this tripe just because you want to suck up to Yuri-ism. This was not a smart move on Yuri-ism part by any stretch of the imagination. The very first thing people did with this was make a thread on /a/ trying to troll people.

      • No it’s not, the only people that think so are low brow crack sippers (which apparently Yuri-ism is stating to become) and they are the most shallow people ever.

        You can just tack “bad taste” onto your comment and pretend that makes it more valid for some reason. You like something with no bases past the characters interacting with each other, that’s shallow. Making you the one with actual bas taste.

    • Unless it reaches the level or Sasameki Koto or Girlfriends, no PMMM has no pairings. Relationship development is not equivalent to shacking up. Middle-schoolers is pretty much all that needs to be pointed to. And your personal attacks do not make your assertions more true.

      Sucking up? Why don’t you just start your own group with all the other belligerents? Somehow, I doubt you control yuri-ism. They can do whatever they want & you can’t do anything about it.

      • If you didn’t give me so much to work with I wouldn’t insult you. I did well than just that too, so it’s not like my points are any less valid. And guess what. You relationships do not have to be strictly romantic or sexual. The relationship between two certain characters can be much more affirmed than others, just like it is here. Which is why it’s stupid do they there are no pairings let alone that one has just as much bases as the other.

        Also you sucking up has nothing to do with whatever I or other people who hated this do. I’m not sure why you think the two are related. But then again you’re clearly not very smart if you think all the possible pairings from PMMM are equal. I bet you think Madoka x Kyouko is a good pairing too.

    • You’re lucky. Unfortunately some of us have standards and can’t just blindly enjoy any pairing under the sun. Despite how you admitted to liking NTR, that’s bad in it’s ow right.

      • It’s not ntr. But you’re free to see it where it doesn’t exist… i wonder who here actually likes ntr

        And if you can’t see how well-intentioned Homura is in this book and how it’s actually a KyouSaya book too, i think you are the one that needs standards… and to do something about your lack of reading comprehension.

        • No, it is, and apparently you do. If you actually liked this, that is.
          And you should try reading all the comments. Someone already explained why and how that line of thought is wrong.Homura was not by any means trying to get them together.

  15. OK. I have a question. As god awful as I found this I still think it could be somewhat redeemable given two things. One, if they do draw that KyouSaya doujin. And secondly how the context of the term “sex friend” is used. Is it saying Homura and Sayaka are “fuck buddies” as in they have a lot of casual sex, or that they because they had sex they became friends. Does the original text allude to it more one way than the other.

    It’s more than likely the former, seeing as how the author said they are getting each other off every night. And in that case this would be just entirely unredeemable.
    Sorry if this is a dumb question.

  16. people need to stop complaining. this wasnt so bad and beggars cant be choosers. we are lucky we are getting some yuri at all.

    • Sure yuri is niche, but there is literally thousands of better things they could have done. Or they could have put off pandering to the grand total of 5-6 crack shippers (trolls/idiots) between /a/ and /u/ until something a little less awful came along. Or just not done it at all.

  17. Honestly, I find this doujin to be fairly well-written. Mean as hell, but it’s not exactly awful for what it is – thirty pages of Homura tormenting Sayaka(and Kyouko). By advertising what’s she’s up to to Kyouko, the chance to save the ship with the power of love is simply incidental to her true purpose of getting Kyouko to blame herself and/or Sayaka for its failure.

    I can definitely see why people would hate this, but blaming crack shippers for it is ridiculous, especially given that this particular doujinshi doesn’t really use HomuSaya as a relationship(even dropping plenty of hints it’s not genuine) and almost exclusively as a vehicle for Homura to be a devil.

  18. I’m sorry. I love Yuri-ism to death but this was genuinely awful. Everyone was out of character, the story is loosely connected at best, and everything “plot” progression wise is forced. This is all on top of it being both crack and NTR which makes it rather bad to begin with.

    I really hope you avoid doing more things like this in future. Do crack pairings if you feel you must, but at the very least please don’t do things like this where the characters suffer. Though what I really hope for is for Yuri-ism to avoid falling to pressure of shipping wars. You say you got a good number of requests for other Madoka pairings but I just looked at the survey and unless they requested it else where there was barely a handful of people asking for it. While KyoSaya on the other hand dominated the “pairing I want to see more of”.

    Anyway, I guess I can at least take solace in KyoSaya and MadoMomu being canon in the actual series.

    • >The survey
      This would have been a really good choice for the “which release you like the least” question.

  19. I wanted to enjoy this pair. I usually just think of alternate pairing as AU stuff. But this wound up being way too mean to Kyoko. I think most of the negative feelings could have been avoided by simply not including her.
    Thanks for the effort anyway.

  20. People should stop blaming Yuri-ism so much. Yes it is a very awful doujin (for most of us at least, some seem to have enjoyed it) but you can just ignore it. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to translate it or just wanted to translate it. It is their hobby, they are doing it for free. Let them have some fun.
    I would have done the same thing if i were in charge, just to see the rage reactions you provide 😉

  21. I know I have no right to ask as you guys provide a free service at your own expense, which I am thankful for, but please do not keep doing these “alternative” Madoka pairings.

  22. This was an interesting DJ to read, I’m okay with crackships, it doesn’t bother me that much. I always wanted to find a yuri story that wasn’t all lovey dovey for once. I hope you guys at Yuri-ism find more stuff like this in the future. It’s nice to have a little spice every once in a while.

  23. You guys are too serious :|. Did anyone bother to read The Afterword? Don’t judge a book just by its cover, please. This isn’t NTR or something cheating. Kyouko and Sayaka aren’t together in this doujin, and Sayaka feelings towards to Kyouko. She just doesn’t know how to explain it, so Homura helps.

    If you guys don’t like, don’t read.

    • I’m sure most people did read the afterward, the question is; did you? The author flat out says they are trying to be mean to Kyouko. Giving her the short end of the stick as it was worded. You’re not saying anything new, people before you have already said that’s wrong. Homura has no good intent here at all, because as the author also said this was just a story where Homura was going to be a devil. Clearly the author had no intentions of getting Kyouko and Sayako together in this book. You’re reading far to much into this poorly written story. It was also said somewhere in the comments why this is NTR, maybe you should actually read the comments.

      This really needs to not happen again. Neither NTR or crack.

  24. God, look at all these apologists. Why do people think it’s mandatory to defend a group just because they do something for free? This was a dumb on their part, end of story.

    Just because there is not a lot of yuri out there does not mean we should be happy with what ever they do. Yes, it’s limited, and by that same point main pairing yuri is limited as well. So why they choose to do something this bad I’ll never know.

  25. I probably should have intervened at some point to answer some of the complaints, but I decided to just leave it alone this time. I knew some people weren’t going to like it, that’s why I did a double release with something I thought they would like better.

    I’m more interested to see how many people liked it and what they thought of it really. I think some of the people complaining are forgetting that I order these doujins mostly in the blind. Preview pages don’t always mean much. I wasn’t aware of how the story was going to go until we got it. If I knew about it before hand would I have still gotten it? I’m not entirely sure.

    But my option of refusing to do it comes at the cost of possibly never seeing another HomuSaya doujin with decent art (that we want to do) and wasting money on importing it. I feel like doing it regardless was a much better answer considering the solution for those that don’t like it is as simple as not reading it.

    We’ve combined for over 50 Kyosaya and Madohomu doujins at this point. Doing some alternate pairings hardly puts a dent in what we’ve done. You could argue (and trust me some people have) that I just do too many Madoka doujins. I’ve been told to just focus on doing material from other series since Madoka is so heavily scanlated at this point. Obviously not everyone is happy that I still do Madoka, but a lot of people would unhappy if I didn’t as well. Nothing we do here at yuri-ism will have support from everyone.

    I’m perfectly fine with people not liking a release, I am not one to censor peoples thoughts on the matter. What I do not appreciate is when people decide to attack others for liking or voicing a positive opinion on it. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean someone else cannot.

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