Release 240: MadoHomu Family

And here is part 2 of our double release! Hopefully those of you not interested in the first one will find this more to your liking.

Forest Village is a MadoHomu genius. Maybe we’ll get some stories with IPS babies in the future? Please!?



(C85) [Forest Village (Ayukko)] MadoHomu Playing House (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (Direct Download)
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24 comments on “Release 240: MadoHomu Family

  1. My hope is that one day homosexual reproduction between women isn’t just possible but common. After finding a way identify what makes a woman a lesbian, that trait could be passed on through the generations. And since two women could only have female children, the number of gay women would steadily grow until they made up the entirety of the world.

  2. It’s criminal how little attention this is getting compared to the other release.
    I did not enjoy that other one, but this one is absolutely great, thanks for all the work you guys do.

  3. RIP in peace my life, that was SO good. I require moar of this nao! That was seriously one of the top 5 best releases ever, at least for me. I hope some day we get more.

  4. Since i despise NTR (and that last release was just plain bad anyway, seriously im fine with crack ships and i can sometimes even tolerate NTR but that was terrible) im glad i get this to tide me over

  5. Forrest Village always does something terrific that warms my heart. Thanks for that.

    Also my two cents, I don’t mind crack pairings though they have more of a need for a good background story rather than some random sexfest to make it enjoyable. Like one of my favorite ones you’ve done addressed the canonical interest Sayaka had for violin boy but then convincingly showed how she genuinely got over it and gradually fell in love with Kyouko (plus loving sex to cleanse soul gems was brilliant). Not to say I think KyouSaya is crack but rather that it is a believable example of someone changing from a known love interest to another.

    Anyway, I think justifying a crack pairing could be really interesting with the right approach. It doesn’t require a brilliant story all the time either. I read one a little while back that was a cheating crack couple but somehow ended up being amazingly hot (Idolmaster’s Forbidden Fruit). So while I prefer official couples, I think it’s cool if you do an occasional good crack doujin.

  6. This is a seriously cute, adorable, and endearing slice o Yuriheaven!
    I think it feels even better after reading the last one.
    Smart move releasing this one second!
    Thanks for the beautiful release!

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