Release 282: Position Struggle

I support girls trying to take the lead when it isn’t usually theirs once in a while. Variety is good! Sayaka, Madoka, Mio, Kumano… and many others, keep on fighting the good fight!



[BQ (Kitao Kita)] A Book Where Kumano Does What She Wants to Suzuya (Kantai Collection) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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7 comments on “Release 282: Position Struggle

  1. Cute doujin. Does the trying to take the lead thing very well. Usually it’s just role reversal, which screws the personalities up too much in my opinion.

  2. That was nice~
    Question though. On page 19 bottom right panel, Suzuya is the one talking right? But reffered to Kumano as Suzuya.

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