Release 283: Subtly Lewd

I realize the irony of us releasing a 2hu doujin after shipgirls beat it out handily in our latest poll, but it can’t be helped! This doujin was requested by my favorite bully target from our irc channel. I had never heard of these 2hus before doing this doujin, but they do make a cute couple.



[Atkinson (Atoki)] Everyone’s House (Touhou) [English] [Yuri-ism] [Digital]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (Direct Download)
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6 comments on “Release 283: Subtly Lewd

  1. Thanks for translating the great doujin, I found all of the lewd context rather amusing. And Yuugi/Parsee is definitely one of my favorite Touhou pairings.

  2. So nice and cute as always from Yuugi and Parsee :). Sometimes, I wonder if every Yuri couple will have a smooth life like these two XD. That must be great ^^. Anw, thanks for the great release!

  3. Hey, thanks for the always good work!
    It was a good reading in the morning ūüôā Parsee and Yuugi are great ‚̧
    Well, I love Touhou so much, and don't know much about KanColle, but voted for both xD
    I think it's still easier to find 2hu doujins than the shipgirls ones, but whatever you decide to release will be welcome and make me happy /o/ It's sure that there are good ones from both just waiting to be translated xDD
    I'm not sure why I'm saying this but well… Yeah lol
    Thanks again for this and other releases!

  4. Great story! Interesting character perspectives! Cute with a bit of drama! Really enjoyed this one greatly!
    Thanks a lot!

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