Release 284: Married Fox Girls

The title of this doujin says everything you need to know. This does have a sequel which we’ll be getting and releasing in the future as well.


[Hatishiro (Itou Hachi)] Legally Married Yuri Couple Book #1 [English] [Yuri-ism]

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34 comments on “Release 284: Married Fox Girls

  1. Thank you very much for entertaining my request! *bows down to Almond-san* I’ll be waiting for the second book! I think I’m gonna get swarmed by ants soon. xD

  2. Yes!!!!!! I’m swimming in fluffiness….. I’m swimming in fluffiness hole …… Happy~~~ Thank you yurism a lot….. Ah~~~~~~

  3. Thank you for this manga! I love this type of stories. I love how this story has character development and characters I can sympathizes with. Thank you so much for doing this!

  4. That was really cute, don’t get me wrong, but for some reason I found the main character to be annoying, I mean, is she really fine just doing household chores and letting her “husband” work alone?
    I know this is manga and I’m probably reading too deeply into it, but I think that this kind of character who can’t do anything on her own and just lives for her partner is getting kind of boring..
    I did enjoy this, but I just prefer yuri characters that have more personality/individuality :p

    • Let’s hope for that in the 2nd book. The story is based on simple life so there’s fluffy love everywhere…. and even the fox girls are not used to being a couple since they just jump straight from “strangers to husband and wife”. So to say, they need more interaction toward each other or other foxes to show their character.

    • You have to realize that their marriage was decided out of the blue. Imagine being told that you will marry and move-in with your favorite mangaka/author. If you are 30something and have no especial skills it will make you feel like a total loser as well.

      • Yeah, I do realize that lol
        The thing that was bothering me actually was the very fact that she doesn’t have any special skill, I mean what has she been doing so far with her life?
        Manga-kas just often put “useless” characters in their stories, and it makes it hard for me to relate to them.. But then again, I suppose you can’t go into the characters’ backgrounds and develop them too much in a oneshot. I just think that character and relationship development are important for a good story. Man, I wish there were more longer yuri series like Girlfriends 🙂

  5. Has the book 2 of this doujin been released?
    This is a very cute story and i wish it will stay this way for the next book because i noticed that they haven’t consummate their marriage yet.

  6. cute!!
    im really excited for following chapters, if have, but i wish this was a series.. really can’t wait for this..
    looking forward!!!..

  7. This doujin is cute but kinda depressing. The author equates gay marriage in Japan on the same level as fantasy, and they’re probably right.

  8. Thank you very much for the release! Is the original (japanese) version available for purchase anywhere as a digital download or is it only available through toranoana? I know about pixiv, but this version is the redrawn one after all.

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