17 comments on “Release 285: Hetcharge Precure

    • Agreed. Even though I didn’t/don’t follow both series, I know the fact that both series have way too many male main characters on the Precure teams, it somehow really annoys me. Missing the good old days when there were only two girls together solving all the problems (at least for nearly half of the season). Hoping next year won’t be as disappointed.

  1. Nice to see a Precure series again! And the new series, Happiness Charge Precure!

    I laughed hard at the post title ‘Hetcharge Precure’. I have been enjoying Happiness Charge Precure a lot lately, but the massive amount of boys and het has been bothersome. One of the reasons that I’ve enjoyed Precure so much in the past is because they didn’t fall in the pit falls of romance and love triangles like similar series Shugo Chara and Tokyo Mew Mew.

    • I believe that they went with the het route in HapCha (which I really don’t mind, I don’t watch Precure primarily for the Yuri) because Doki Doki Precure was loaded with homo. Mana and Regina falling in love, Regina sleeping in Manas bed, holding hands with her, saying that she loves her…

      • Doki Doki is probably the most yuri subtexted out of the all the Precure series. Suite would probably come second for me.

        • with the Precure rating down, they may have hoped that the het romances may have attracted a more mature girl fanbase instead of the usual little kids.

          Not that it necessarily worked since Happiness Charge Precure has had the lowest ratings of any Precure series ever. Which is sad because it’s not a bad show and definitely doesn’t deserve to be in the bottom spot.

          but the hard het push does alienate a part of their fanbase…

    • Apparently the BG romance storyline is not working (that well), since the rate of viewing of the episode about Hime and the guy (whatever his name is) has suddenly dropped from 4.3% to 2.9%, which is the lowest in the Precure history. But Yes! GoGo also had an episode that attracted only 2.9% of viewing, consider it to be funny since they are the only two series that are filled with het romances.

  2. Saw on the /u/ thread that the het was a false alarm or something. Or at least there was a screenshot of Hime saying she realized she wasn’t in love with Seiji.
    Or something.

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