13 comments on “Release 297: Luscious lickable legs and peanut butter lotion

  1. That was surprisingly interesting! It’d be cool to link to the artist’s pixiv/DA/etc when posting original (or even doujin, though those are easily searchable) stuff; sometimes my interest is piqued, and I’ve no idea where to go for more of a certain artist.

    • The author or group name is usually included in the brackets before the title of each chapter/oneshot posted. In this case it’s h_hinase and their twitter is the first thing in a google search. I’m sure a search engine would bring up a decent amount of info, especially for more prominent artists/circles. Of course, I can’t guarantee this will actually help you at all.

  2. “not a homumado peanut butter doujin”
    I lol’d

    I tried this because of the peculiar title; can’t argue with anyone, this pretty delicious (haha)

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