9 comments on “Release 298: Is The Order Yuri?

  1. Wow now, that’s was really cute, the art and the history, I really love this, it’s a shame that this author seems to no be much into yuri, I like to see more of him/she…
    I think is the first time a nsfw work make me said “how cute” out loud xD
    Thanks for the release 🙂

  2. What a cute art, I just wish Cocoa and Chino story would be a bit longer.
    I love Sharo and Rize together, but I believe some Sharo and Chiya would be just as good! hehe

  3. Yeeeees! Highly glad and surprised to see some Rize x Sharo here, my favorite pairing of the series. I definitely love Yuri-ism a lot more now. Thank you for this most enjoyable bounty! Still hungry for more *_*

  4. This art is so cute, a bit disappointed that despite the cute art, Rize and Sharo didn’t exactly have a happy ending, it was mostly “experimenting”, I don’t really like when that happens. But well, it’s just one doujin, there will be more in the future at least my favorite couple, CocoaxChino, had a happier mini story.

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