Happy Birthday Chansu

Today is Chansu’s birthday! He may be terrible at vidya and have to be carried nonstop, and he’s also a super bully about spelling mistakes, but deeeeeeeep deep (deep!!) down, he’s a cool guy, so we keep him around to typeset our yuri smut. He’s also getting really old now. Hopefully they let him bring his PC & tablet to the retirement home!

Here’s to more spelling mistakes, carrying, and butts. Happy Birthday Chansu!


13 comments on “Happy Birthday Chansu

  1. Nandeyanen you are so cute XD… I’ve got no inspiration when it comes to giving my friends a letter, text or a present for they birthday, so I end up giving them lots of hugs (my way to show my love xD) and something jummy to eat (the perfect gift!)

    Happy Birthday Chansu, you’ve got lovely friends :3

  2. Hampy Birtday Chansu! Hoppe you stil young enouhg to delivered more Yuri (and DFC ^-^) to us… 😀

    Note: Sorry for th typpo. Intentional… 😀

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