Isya: Cure Assort Official English Release

This is something we’ve been working on for awhile, and I’m finally glad we can show our first official project with you guys. This will be a paid release that will allow everyone to show their love and support to Isya directly. A long time ago we got in a discussion with the artist Isya (434notfound) about helping her with doing an English release. We had talked to her years ago when we first started translating her work, and we wanted to see how we could help give back. This is a whole new experience for us, and we certainly still have a lot to learn, but it has been an enjoyable journey working with Isya.

The typesetting, sfx and even the initial translation was all done by her. She endured hundreds of corrections over the course of a few months as she learned English typesetting from scratch. She came a long way from her initial drafts, so while this may not be what you’d expect from something we’d typeset, she put her heart and soul into doing every last change, even down to drawing all the English sfx herself. I can appreciate an artist that takes so much time to talk to her English fans and the amount of effort she put into this project with us.


I would also like to provide a quick FAQ checklist for you all.

How much does this release cost: $6 on Fakku, $7 on DLSite. The higher price on DLSite is due to yen conversion/credit card fees.

How much goes to the artist/how much does yuri-ism make from this: Yuri-ism and everyone involved are not taking any cut from the sales. We did this for free to help an artist we have a lot of respect for.

Where can I buy it: Fakku or DLSite.

Will there be a printed book for this: No, there will be no books for her precure doujins, only her original Zero story if there is enough interest.

Is it uncensored: No, it is still censored at the same level the Japanese release is.  Future English releases may have lighter censorship solely at Isya’s discretion.

Can I just download it directly instead of reading it online: Absolutely. The link for that will be here.

Will isya be doing the translating and typesetting in future works: We’ll be slowly taking over the reigns with each coming release.

Is Yuri-ism going to be paid doujins only now: No, we have already begun work on the next several doujins for Isya, so everything for her will be paid now. All of our other work will be done just the same, with our recent recruitment, we don’t expect any change in our release rate. We may work with new artists in the future, but my goal is to work FOR the artists, and not as a job myself. We enjoy this as a hobby and nothing else. So tl;dr not becoming a paid site only, we’ll just help artists that want paid English releases out if it so happens that way.

Final notes: If you’d like to leave us any feedback just comment on Fakku, send us an e-mail or tweet at us. You can send your support to isya on twitter @434notfound

Buy here:


51 comments on “Isya: Cure Assort Official English Release

    • The DLsite option should be available soon.

      We are only using Fakku as an additional avenue to distribute her works. It is not licensed by Fakku or part of their books program if that is your concern.

      All her work is still done by us, and for her regardless of which site you use. The only difference will be that DLsite works will not be able to be uncensored since it is a Japanese business.

      This is something new we’re trying so I want to make sure I have multiple options for people to use.

      • Pretty sure the concern over Fakku is their business model. Now, granted, I don’t know what the truth is.

        That said…

        “It is not licensed by Fakku or part of their books program if that is your concern.”

        So is this a guarantee that there’s no way for Fakku to make money off this project?

        Honestly.. I’d rather you guys set up a way to order through you, and then you transfer funds to Isya in whatever method avoids or lessons conversions fees? I dunno. Random thoughts at this point.

        • Publishers always take a cut. It’s no different than with DLSite. They take 50% or more of the profits depending on the price of the work sold there. (check the bottom)
          That comment is just in regards to yuri-ism not profiting from it in any way. So isya is getting the biggest piece of the pie possible.

          Yea, ideally I’d love to just magically send money, or even add a donate button to all our releases that goes to the individual artists. People will send what they want and all would be great.
          Maybe someday in the future, something like this will be possible.

  1. I’ve honestly never even watched PreCure, but I’ve read enough of Isya’s stuff anyway that I’m definitely buying it. Thank you for all your hard work in making this possible in the first place 🙂

  2. Of all the times for my ESA (Employment Supported Allowance) to run out and take forever to start getting again once i start getting my benefits again i’m gonna buy a copy to help support Isya-Sama

  3. Here’s hoping whatever interest Zero needs to get a physical copy is met. The thought of acquiring such a thing is mouth-watering

  4. Oh my god oh my god oh my god! I’m hyperventilating already! Isya’s HibiKana has always been my favorite! Will be waiting for the DLsite (my check should be coming in next week so my wallet is ready XD

  5. “No, it is still censored at the same level the Japanese release is. Future English releases may have lighter censorship solely at Isya’s discretion.”

    we live in the age of digital internet and I still have to deal with this puritan world view?…

  6. I just don’t see a point in purchasing this if it is going to still be censored. It is being sold to a market now where censorship isn’t required. Why continue to have it?

    The main reason why I think Fakku Books did a great job with their releases is that they used the original untouched art. This allowed us to appreciate it the way it was meant to be.

    Hopefully one day we’ll see the uncensored art. Until then I think I’ll hold off. I would also like to see a physical release as well. I find it more compelling to purchase something I can hold in my own hands instead of a digital copy that will undoubtedly be up on every torrent site within a day.

    • There will be censorship because Isya wants there to be, that’s all there is to it. We presented her the option to have everything uncensored and she didn’t want to. We will respect her wishes and not force her to do otherwise.

  7. Magazine censorship is also a lot different. Artists draw their original work uncensored, and then the magazine blotches it up with censorship. Magazines also have hopes of western serialization.

    Your standard doujinshi artist doesn’t do this. They just illustrate with censorship in mind. Which is exactly what isya does. I’d love to have her work uncensored, but it would require revamping it entirely since it was illustrated that way.

  8. So wait I just have a question, this release contains all the doujins by Isya you had previously scanlated? Because either I’m blind or there’s only one post tagged with isya but I’m sure you did several of her doujins. Wasn’t it more than three?

  9. Excellent news. I purchased it the moment I saw this post. It feels good to be able to support an artist I have liked for so long. The effort Isya-san and yuri-ism put into this project is greatly appreciated! Thank you all very much!

  10. Wouldn’t Isya have to pay the currency conversion for sales from Fakku anyway? Is there any way to know which option is better from her perspective or are they both effectively equal?

  11. hi i am a bit confuse..does it mean this digital book that have been release is not found for downloading and we have to buy the translation for the isya doujin manga from now on?

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