Release 402: Mismatch Girls 2

Sex, drama, more sex. Oh, and a hefty dose of cute sprinkled throughout. I hope you guys enjoyed the yuri weekend.

Make sure to read Chapter 1 if you haven’t already.



[Mytyl] Mismatch Girls, Pt 2 (L -Ladies & Girls Love- 03) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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15 comments on “Release 402: Mismatch Girls 2

    • I think Yukiko is Kimekawa`s mother. Er… or was she her sister.. I honestly forgot since her role in the story was rather minor and we only saw her briefly.

  1. I loved every bit thank you Yuri-ism!! I wish this one would continue on a bit more. Ah and Nina she is really cute but she can be scary at times that cold empty look she gets in her eyes at time *shivers* when she saw Itsuki walking with the others and she gave that stare I already knew she was not happy Lol that and she is so big! wow! but anyway this was great! Itsuki finally realized her feelings.

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