Release 448: Dance to the Yuri Finale

We have reached the conclusion of Iromeki Girls! Hope you enjoy it.

If you want, let us know in the comments section your overall thoughts on the series, and if you’d like to see more extended stories similar to this one in the future.



[Charie] Iromeki Girls (Iromeki Girls) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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23 comments on “Release 448: Dance to the Yuri Finale

  1. Well, it was an ending. Not what I was expecting, but I guess that’s to be expected from a new couple still getting used to that fact.

    As for longer series, I am all for them. One shots are fine and a staple of the genre, but I love longer series like these and Food Girls.

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. I adored this whole series. Thank you for it. Perfect balance of cute moments and lewd moments.

    As for series vs one shots, I think I prefer series. If only because authors have more time to do more with the characters and the setting.

    One other thing I wanted to ask was about Isya`s newest English release. Do you know if availability on Fakku is still in the cards? Not to be too annoying, but more than a month has passed and I’m just curious.

  3. Hey! I also wanted to put in that I love series. They let you get in the time for a good payoff without feeling rushed in a one shot.

  4. Thank you yuri-ism staff
    Wow 🎉saki got it in the end the one she love
    Just wondering is there more chapter this last one

  5. I love anything you guys take the time to put out for us. I’d agree with everyone else; I feel like we have more time to enjoy a longer series but oneshots are great too. Waiting for chapters and getting excited about a new installment is fun and torture, torturous fun? Lol. Anyway, keep up the great work all! We appreciate it!

  6. I think it was a nice series. The dance club elements seemed pretty superficial, but I still enjoyed it. I’m totally down for more extended series, too.

  7. Series are definitely better than one shots, in terms of satisfaction you get, from the length of the content. Iromeki Girls seems to have been a series of related one shots, that’s nice too. I guess it’s just that it feels like one shots just don’t give us enough content,l you’re always left wanting more, but for series, after getting attached to the characters, it’s just hard to say goodbye? I guess the longer something is, the later it ends, but all good things have to come to an end anyway.

  8. Oh but seeing that this chapter is actually “new content”, it wasn’t published like the other chapters until this volume. It’s nice that they were given another chapter, in a way, an extension to their ending. It would have felt incomplete to just end it with the previous chapter

  9. Definitely enjoyed this series and would love to see more! Oneshots are nice, but multiple parts have a greater emotional pay-off when the happy ending comes around.

  10. One shots are always fun to read but I prefer a good series because if I get invested in the story I will come back for more. A series gives also(most of the time) a better closure than a one shot. Thank you for Iromeki girls, I look forward to next hot and cute series ;].

  11. Yah, what a sweet ending. I liked this series. And I want to see more series in the future. Doesn’t matter if it’s short or long as long as it’s interesting and yuri.

  12. I love original stories and series, so yes, please more like this! Also I love good doujin series like Hiyorigeta by Hiiragi Yutaka.

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