17 comments on “Release 449: Movie Date 2: Spuds

  1. Whoa that ending! It kinda looks like it could pick up from where it left off next time but… Could it actually move beyond subtext?! I would be shocked if it did, but then at the same time it kind of feels like it needs to eventually….somehow?

  2. The cooking advice given in this is as always really damn solid. Rosemary is beef’s best friend. Also goes great with potatoes. Dill matches up well with fish. So those choices of herbs weren’t just random.

    Keep in mind though that if you want to make this recipe at home, you’ll have to deal with discarding the cooking oil. You can’t just wash it down the drain; it’s best to check whatever information your municipality gives out with regards to recycling as to whether they accept used oil, if your country even does recycling on a municipality level. If that’s not the case, discard it in a sealed container along with your regular garbage.

    Olive oil is probably the healthiest choice but also has a very low smoking point. I have made good experiences with peanut oil for high-temperature frying, though I’ve never done any deep-frying.

  3. I don’t really like the series. Not nuff yuri, too much random cooking stuff I don’t care about. Just make out already or do some slice of life stuff.

    • Well, yuri is not about sex all the time, you know. Purest form of love! They are living together, getting to know each other better – and love start to bloom. Not in a sexual way, they rather became real relatives. As for the food – the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach, but noone said girls not affected! (please ignore grammar, english is hard.)

    • To each their own but I just want to tell you that you have shit taste. Cooking is the best, and subtext is the cutest.

  4. I tried out the chips recipe tonight and it was absolutely fantastic. It’s pretty easy to setup too, you’re mostly just throwing everything into the pan to fry. I’d highly recommend trying it.

  5. I always feel like trying out the recipes but never buy the ingredients!
    Thanks for the release, this manga is so much fun.

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